Grems | Cassius

2 mini-albums released on Grems Industry and Because Music
Grems – ‘Green Pisse
released the 2nd of march on Grems Industry
rap on the vibe with deep house and jazzy instrumentals

Grems sur Intruders TV
Cassius featuring Cat Power & Mike D ‎– ‘Action
released the 16th of april on Because Music
funky and percussive house (with various electronic remixes)

le duo Cassius sur Intruders TV

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Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy | K’Alexi Shelby | Oniris | Garaliya

4 EPs released on K Klassik, Systematic, Kvitnu and AnalyticTrail
K’ Alexi Shelby - ‘Time’
released the 22nd of february on K Klassik
deep & jazzy house

K’Alexi Shelby on Intruders TV
Oniris - ‘Meharee EP
released the 4th of march on Systematic
epic bewitching techno

Systematic founder, Marc Romboy
on Intruders TV

Garaliya ‎– ‘Ventricle Replicant
released the 10th of february on Kvitnu
abstract experimental IDM

Kvitnu label founder, Kotra
(in duo-interview with Zavoloka)
on Intruders TV

Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy - ‘Black Shape
released the 8th of february on Analytic Trail
powerful & groovy cyclic techno

Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy on Intruders TV

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Legowelt | Module One | Silkie | Kyle Watson & Bruno Furlan

4 EPs released on Unknown to the Unknown, motech,
Antisocial Entertainment and Dirtybird
Silkie ft. Joss Ryan ‎– ‘Don’t Play Games
released the 5th of february on Antisocial Entertainment ‎
colorful funky dubstep

Silkie on Intruders TV
Kyle Watson & Bruno Furlan – ‘Marshmallows
released the 26th of february on Dirtybird
bulbous percussive techfunk

Claude VonStroke on Intruders TV
Module One – ‘Friday Night EP
released the 8th of february on Motech
fluid deep groovy and jazzy techno

Motech label founder,
DJ 3000 on Intruders TV

Legowelt ‎– ‘Sampling Winter
released the 26th of february on Unknown to the Unknown
spacey, deep, and psychedelic house

Legowelt on Intruders TV


Unknwon to the Unknown label founder,
DJ Haus aka Hot City
in duo with DJ Stingray on Intruders TV

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