Cassius | Phillipi & Rodrigo | The Toxic Avenger | Chocobox

4 EPs released on Ed Banger / Because Music,
Roy Music, Formule Records, deewee
Phillipi & Rodrigo - ‘Mantra / New Beach
released the 26th of august on Deewee
tropical disco psychedelia with a folksy floatiness
+ New Beat with brazilian vocals, floating melodies and seawaves

les 2 Many DJs, fondateurs de Deewee
sur Intruders TV

The Toxic Avenger - ‘Globe, Vol. 1
released the 28th of october on Roy Music
cinematic emotive vocal synth wave and futuristic dark electro

The Toxic Avenger sur Intruders TV
Chocobox – ‘Jack City
released the 6th of september on Formule Records
ghetto urban house with powerful to groovy remixes

Adam Polo,
fondateur de Formule Records
sur Intruders TV

Cassius - ‘Go Up (remixes)‘ (feat. Cat Power & Pharrell Williams)
released the 11th of november on Ed Banger and Because Music
bright and happy house with multi-universe remixes

le duo Cassius sur Intruders TV

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Laura J Martin ||| Plasman

2 albums released on Shape Records and Stato Elettrico
Plasman – ‘Endless Wave
released the 15th of june on Stato Elettrico
cosmic ambient soundscapes

Plasman on Intruders TV
(with Pepe and 51 Beats founder, Robidat)

Laura J Martin – ‘On the Never Never
released the 11th of march on Shape Records
raw multi-layered sonic journey
with graceful unfussy rhythm and sweet vocal

Laura J Martin on Intruders TV


Chymera | John Tejada | Taraval | Jeff Derringer

4 EPs released on Ovum, Kompakt, Text and Soma
Chymera - ‘The Divided Self
released the 19th of february on Ovum Recordings
deep melancholic shadowing soul techno
with broad bassline and rich textures

Chymera on Intruders TV
John Tejada – ‘Lakewood Drive
released the 10th of may on Kompakt
spirited multi-layered psyche-melodic minimal techno

Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt
on Intruders TV

Taraval ‎– ‘II
released the 9th of september on Text Records
raw minimimalist psyche-house and slicky techno
with jazzy melodies, bleeps and acid reverbs

Text Records founder, Four Tet
on Intruders TV

Jeff Derringer – ‘Radio Therapy (Inc O/V/R Remix)
released the 8th of june on Soma Records
from contemplative broken trippy to dark powerful stepping atmospheric techno with an misty lectronica touches

Soma Records founders,
Slam on Intruders TV

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