Newworldaquarium | Moby | Daze | Bambooman

4 EPs released on NWAQ, 2DIY4,
Unknown to the Unknown and Accidental Jnr
Bambooman – ‘Feel EP
released the 12th of august on Accidental Jnr
leftfield mixture of cascading soundscapes
from ethereal ambient to broken spaced out techno and electronica

Accidental Records founder,
Matthew Herbert on Intruders TV

Newworldaquarium - ‘The Games That We Play
originally released in 2005 on New Religion
and re-issued the 16th of october on NWAQ
broken extreme atmospheric and dreamy liquid deep techno

Newworldaquarium on Intruders TV
Moby – ‘Moby Remixes
released the 2nd of december on 2DIY4
deep, rumbling, broken percussive and groovy melodic house remixes

2DIY4 label founder, Solomun
on Intruders TV

Daze – ‘Leisure Complex
released the 2nd of september on Unknown to the Unknown
spacey dreamy melodies
on liquid funk, d’n'b and jungle breaks then acid house rhythmic

DJ Haus on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with DJ Stingray)

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Francesco Tristano ||| Lady Blacktronika

2 albums released on Transmat and Skylax
Lady Blacktronika – ‘A Lonely Space Program
released the 21st of march on Skylax Extra Series
melancholic slo-mo, beatdown and deep to garage and lo-fi vocal house

Hardrock Striker,
fondateur de Skylax, sur Intruders TV


Hardrock Striker,
fondateur de Skylax
… à nouveau sur Intruders TV

Francesco Tristano - ‘Surface Tension‘ (feat. Derrick May)
released the 25th of november on Transmat
free jazz tech exploration from ambient to futuristic, spaced out, minimal, melodic, drama, ethereal and glimpsy synths-lead techno soundscapes

Francesco Tristano sur Intruders TV

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Slam ||| Dom & Roland

2 albums released on Soma and Metalheadz
Slam – ‘Machine Cut Noise
released the 28th of october on Soma Records
ambient and ethereal soundcapes to dark, dystopic tense, haunting and eged techno

Slam duo on Intruders TV
Dom & Roland – ‘Last Refuge of a Scoundrel
released the 7th of october on Metalheadz
structured spaced out, cold and dark rolling d’n'b

Metalheadz founder, Goldie
on Intruders TV

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Aka Aka & Thalstroem | L_cio | Hollen | Victor Ruiz

4 EPs released on Bunny Tiger, D.O.C, Bitten and Elevate
Aka Aka & Thalstroem – ‘Miss Piggy’s Butcher EP
released the 19th of september on Bunny Tiger
freaky electro house

Aka Aka & Thalstroem
on Intruders TV

L_cio – ‘Traffic’
released the 29th of july on D.O.C.
cinematic melodic progressive house

D.O.C. label founder, Gui Boratto
on Intruders TV

Hollen – ‘Terminal EP
released the 12th of september on Bitten
colorful groovy rhythmyc techno

Bitten label co-founder,
2000 and One on Intruders TV

Victor Ruiz - ‘Jaws EP
released the 16th of september on Elevate
tense mesmerizing tunelling techno

Elevate label founders, Pig & Dan
on Intruders TV

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The End of All Existence | Redukt | District | The Orb

4 EPs released on The End of All Existence, Chestplate,
Kompakt and Kvitnu
The End Of All Existence – ‘Choir Of Devastation
released the 26th of september on The End of All Existence
intensed dark mental experimenal ambient techno

The End of All Existence
aka Milton Bradley on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview
with Jack de Marseille)

Redukt – ‘Otho
released the 20th of september on Kvitnu
tense post-industrial abstract abmbient noise

Kvitnu label founder, Kotra
(in duo-interview with Zavoloka)
on Intruders TV

District – ‘Drowsy
released the 11th of august on Chestplate
crispy distorted to soothing minimal dubsted

Chestplate label founder,
DJ Distance on Intruders TV

The Orb - ‘Alpine Diskomiks – Sin In Space, Pt. 2′
released the 29th of july on Kompakt
eerie disco techno trip to atmospheric immersion

Kompakt co-founder,
Wolfgang Voigt on Intruders TV

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