Herbert | Robert Babicz | William Kouam Djoko | R-Zone

various creative electronic aprroaches 4 EPs just released on Accidental Records, Selador Recordings, Mobilee and R-Zone ————————————————————————————————————
Herbert – ‘Part Seven
released the 14th of september on Accidental Records
cutting edge electronic sounds without boundaries

Matthew Herbert on Intruders TV
William Kouam Djoko – ‘Satisfied
released the 26th of september on Mobilee
warm organic hypnotic house

Mobilee label co-founder, Anja Schneider on Intruders TV ————————————————————————————————————
Robert Babicz – ‘One Day We’ll All Be Happy EP’ released the 29th of september on Selador Recordings
old school acid trance melodies with strond dubstep-like basslines

Robert Babicz on Intruders TV ————————————————————————————————————
R​-​Zone 13 – ‘Onefourone​/​Gravity​/​Stolen Birds
released the 24th of september on R-Zone
epic ravetime soundscapes
R-Zone label founder,
(besides Creme Organization)
DJ TLR on Intruders TV

R-Zone label founder,
(besides Creme Organization)
DJ TLR… again on Intruders TV

… stay tuned…

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