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Chymera | Itokim | Vino | Heart 2 Heart

a tribute to Detroit melodious sounds… with 4 EPs just released
on Balance Music, Subject Detroit, Motech and Break New Soil
Heart 2 Heart – ‘Shigan (remixes)
released the 14th of july on Balance Music

Balance label founder
Chez Damier on Intruders TV

Itokim – ‘Rhythm Poems
released the 28th of july on Subject Detroit

Subject Detroit label founder, DJ Bone
on Intruders TV

Vino – ‘Almost Spring
released the 4th of August on Motech

Motech label founder, DJ 3000
on Intruders TV

Chymera – ‘Shadowdancer‘ (incl. Gregor Tresher Remix)
released the 4th of august on Break New Soil Recordings
(re-issue of the original track with new mixdown and mastering)

Original release in 2007 on Ork Recordings

Chymera on Intruders TV

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Claude VonStroke | Robert Babicz | Synapson | Maceo Plex

4 EPs just released
on Dirtybird, Stil Vor Talent, Kompakt and Bedrock

from sweet guitar ballad to dreamy Rave ambiance
via tech-funk and techno florr charmier
Synapson – ‘Djon Maya Mai‘ feat. Victor Deme
released the 25th of july on Stil Vor Talent
sweet guitar ballad featurng warm vocals and percusion
with 3 more electronic re-interpretations

Stil Vor Talent label founder,
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

Claude VonStroke – ‘CaliFuture
released the 18th of july on Dirtybird
groovy San Francisco tech-funk

Claude VonStroke on Intruders TV
Maceo Plex – ‘Conjure Superstar
released the 28th of july on Kompakt
techno floor charmier with synths fanfares & siren on a power bass

Kompakt label co-founder,
Wolfgang Voigt on Intruders TV

Robert Babicz – ‘Rave Angel
released the 4th of august on Bedrock Digital
all is in the title of each track

Robert Babicz on Intruders TV

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Acumen & Ranacat | Electric Rescue | JBAG | S!lk & Apon

3 EPs just released on Time Has Changed Records, Gynoid Audio and Continental Records
+ another one coming very soon on Limonada Records

from sunny pop electronic melodies to raw catchy tribal techno
via rooftop tech house and mesmerizing deep techno

JBAG – ‘Through Blue EP’ (feat. Kamp!)
released the 21st of july on Continental Records
emotional sunny pop electronic melodies

Jerry Bouthier,
co-fondateur de Continental Records,
sur Intruders TV

Acumen & Ranacat – ‘Tantalizing
released the 30th of june on Time Has Changed Records
rooftop electronic sounds
between sweet slow melody and crispy hypnotic  tech house

Timid Boy,
manager de Time Has Changed Records,
sur Intruders TV

S!lk & Apon – ‘The Lost EP’
coming the 19th of august on Limonada Records
mesmerizing deep techno

Fred H & William Wild,
managers de Limonada Records
sur Intruders TV

Electric Rescue – ‘Destabilized EP’
released the 21st of july on Gynoid Audio
raw catchy tribal techno

Electric Rescue sur Intruders TV

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Balance Special Edition 03 | Panorama Bar 06

some beautiful & cool music to taste while sipping soft drinks
gathered in 2 great compilations (house then techno)

first by Chez Damier for the 20th anniversary of his both labels,
Prescription Records (founded with Ron Trent) and Balance

and 2nd by Ostgut Ton… with 10 exclusive tracks
taken from the “Panorama Bar 06“ upcoming mix compilation
by Berghain/Panorama Bar resident Ryan Elliott…

from classic deep house to fluid jazzy deep techno
Various ArtistsSpecial Edition 03
(featuring The Mission, Siler & Dima, Thomas Zander,
Ron Trent & Chez Damier)
released the 23rd of june on Balance Music
glittering classic house… so deep, so liquid !… ;)

Balance label founder, Chez Damier
on Intruders TV

Various ArtistsPanorama Bar 06 (part 1)
(featuring Newworldaquarium, Roman Flügel, Terrence Dixon,
Borrowed Identity & Tuff City Kids)
coming out the 11th of August on Ostgut Ton
deep, jazzy & fluid techno

Newworldaquarium on Intruders TV
Various ArtistsPanorama Bar 06 (part 2)
(featuring The Oliverwho Factory, Deadbeat, Nick Höppner,
Makam & Marcel Dettmann)
coming out the 11th of August on Ostgut Ton
carrying, floating, jazzy, funky deep techno

UPDATE 11th of august:
Panorama Bar 06 compilation mix by Ryan Elliott
released the 11th of august on Ostgut Ton

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Robosonic | Guti | Huxley | And.Id

4 EPs just released
on OFF Recordings, Mobilee, Defected and Aus Music

different kind of modern house music
(blended with soul’n'hip-hop, mesmerizing & floating then bass-heavy
Robosonic – ‘Good Feel EP’
released the 21st of july on OFF Recordings
organic blend of classy house music and classic hiphop

Robosonic on Intruders TV
And.Id – ‘Erotica‘ (inc. Subb-an Terrace Remix)
released the 11th of july on Mobilee
floating groovy house

Mobilee label co-founder,
Anja Schneider on Intruders TV

Guti & King Brain – ‘Opus 1 & 2
released the 21st of july on Defected
mesmerizing minimal groovy house

Guti on Intruders TV
Huxley – ‘The Machine EP’
released the 21st of july on Aus Music
bass-heavy House with a UK Garage touch

Huxley on Intruders TV

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Arnaud Rebotini | Hecq | MZKBX

2 albums just released on Blackstrobe Records and Ad Noiseam
+ another one released earlier in springtime on Karat Records

from melancholic soundscapes to space disco, acid and proto house
via dub-heavy downtempo, IDM, breakbeat, hardcore and techno
Arnaud Rebotini – Original Soundtrack of ‘Eastern Boys
(a movie production by Les Films de Pierre
directed by Robin Campillo )
released the 30th of may on Blackstrobe Records
melancholic’n'poetic ambient soundscapes
with a bit of hypnotic techno

Arnaud Rebotini Intruders TV
Hecq – ‘Conversions
(remixes album as a tribute to influences and friends of the artist)
released the 7th of july on Ad Noiseam
between deep and atmospheric, dub-heavy downtempo, IDM,
flowing melodies, mesmerizing loop, hardcore, breakbeat and techno

Nicolas Chevreux,
fondateur du label Ad Noiseam,
sur Intruders TV

MZKBX ‎– From This Desire
released the 11th of march on Karat Records
collection of proto house and space disco,
infused with mid 80′s acid Chicago flavor

Laetitia et Alex Katapult,
fondateurs de Karat Records,
sur Intruders TV

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Elekfantz || Common || Lionel Weets

3 albums released these 3 latest months
on D.O.C., ARTium / Def Jam Recordings and Motech

from pop-infused electronic songs to Soul Jazz Detroit Techno style
via political Chicago rap

Elekfantz – ‘Dark Tales & Love Songs
released the 2nd of june on D.O.C.
beautiful pop-infused electronic songs and soundscapes
with intimate melodies, lush harmonies and organic undertones

D.O.C. label founder, Gui Boratto
on Intruders TV

Common – ‘Nobody’s smiling
released the 22nd of july on ARTium / Def Jam Recordings
dark political’n'lyrical rap about Chicago
on smooth and sophisticated sounds

Common on Intruders TV
Lionel Weets – ‘Stellar Orchestra
released the 12th of may on Motech
Galaxy 2 Galaxy’s Detroit Soul Jazz Tech style
with deep, soulful and melodic sounds

Motech label founder, DJ 3000
on Intruders TV

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Alex Davis | Groove Riddim | Benedetto & Farina | Bastien & Deivimal

4 EPs just released on Way of House, Wax Classic,
Laboratory Records and Jett Records

from nebulous minimal techno to hot’n'rich NY garage house
via warm and shiny house with disco and emotionnal touch
Bastien & Deivimal – ‘Mekedo EP’
released the 30th of june on Jett Records
bewitching nebulous minimal techno

Fred Siera, fondateur de Jett Records,
sur Intruders TV

Alex Davis - ‘Here Comes EP’
released the 9th of june on Laboratory Records
warm groovy house with an old school disco french touch

Alex Davis sur Intruders TV
Benedetto & Farina ft Fabian Reichelt – ‘You Dont Know My Name
released the 7th of july on Way og House (sublabel of WOH Lab)
shiny emotionnal singing house

Greg Delon,
co-fondateur de Way of House
sur Intruders TV

Groove Riddim – ‘Ride the riddims #1
released the 8th of july on Wax Classic
stunning hot’n'rich NY garage house 90′s style

Hardrock Striker,
fondateur de Wax Classic
(1ère interview) sur Intruders TV

Hardrock Striker,
fondateur de Wax Classic
(2ème interview) sur Intruders TV

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Jan Blomqvist | Solomun | Rob Hes | Far Too Loud

4 EPS just released on Motor Music, 2DIY4, Herzblut Recordings and No Tomorrow Recordings

from shiny pop-electronic ballad to pulsative electro beats
via liquid modern deep house and mystical techno
Jan Blomqvist – ‘Time Again EP’
released the 11th of july on Motor Music
shiny melodic ballad through a warm fusion between acoustic pop-folk and electronic elements

Jan Blomqvist on Intruders TV
Solomun – ‘Friends
released the 7th of july on 2DIY4
liquid dreamy journey through modern deep house house

Solomun on Intruders TV
Rob Hes – ‘Blacklist EP’
released the 26th of june on Herzblut Recordings
mystical brain-catching driving techno

Herzblut label founder,
Stephan Bodzin on Intruders TV

Far Too Loud – ‘Boom!
released the 7th of july on No Tomorrow Recordings
energic pulsative electro beats

Far Too Loud on Intruders TV


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Bass Pressure Compil., Tapage

2 album just released on Bass Pressure Records and Ad Noiseam
from conceptual ambient landscapes to raw uncompromising techno
Tapage – ‘Eight
released the 16th o june on Ad Noiseam
conceptual mesmerizing, subtle, multi-layered ambient soundscapes
with a blend of acoustic strings, trip-hop beats and electronic elements

Nicolas Chevreux,
fondateur du label Ad Noiseam,
sur Intruders TV

Various Artists – ‘Let’s Get Back on It
released the 16th of june on Bass Pressure Records
12-tracks compilation of raw poweful and uncompromising techno

The Florian Muller Project


Antony Dupont,
fondateur de Bass Pressure Records

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