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Pig & Dan / Monika Kruse | Shades | Javi Redondo | Ohmyboy & Wöllstein

4 EPs released on Terminal M, 1985 Music,
Correspondant and Burlesque Musique
Shades – ‘Better to Reign in Hell Than to Serve in Heaven
released the 2nd of september on 1985 Music
intense abrasive grimy experimental future bass music

Half of Shades, Alix Perez
on Intruders TV

Javi Redondo – ‘Hammocks Go West
released the 6th of august on Correspondant
blend of emotive liquid techno, dark electro and cosmic disco

Correspondant label founder,
Jennifer Cardini (in duo-interview
with Motor City Drum Ensemble)
on Intruders TV

Ohmyboy & Wöllstein – ‘Fuck Privacy
released the 29th of april on Burlesque Musique
melodic retro-sounding electro house with atmospheric robotic remix

Burlesque Musique founders,Aka Aka
(in interview with Thalstroem)
on Intruders TV

Monika Kruse meets Pig & Dan – ‘Oblivion
released the 11th of july on Terminal M
euphoric dynamic trippy techno

Pig & Dan on Intruders TV

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Andreas Gehm | LA-4A | Edge of Motion | Boxia

4 EPs released on Bitter Moon, Unknown to the Unknown,
Edge of Motion and No Idea’s Original
Andreas Gehm – ‘Yellow Flower
released the 17th of june on Bitter Moon
ethereal, weird, eerie and rolling acid house

Andreas Gehm on Intruders TV
LA-4A – ‘I Feel Lit
released the 19th of august on Unknown to the Unknown
swinging heavy bouncing acid house

Unknown to the Unknown founder,
DJ Haus on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with DJ Stingray)

Boxia – ‘Wonderful Road EP
released the 26th of august on No Idea’s Original
trippy twisted, dark atmospheric and vox echoing energetic techno

No Idea’s Original founder,
Huxley on Intruders TV

Edge of Motion – ‘There Is No Point
released the 14th of november on Edge of Motion
hard edged techno to ambient

Half of Edge of Motion,
2000 and One on Intruders TV

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Adventice | Steve Bug | Wlderz | Oxia

4 EPs released on Deeply Rooted, Rex Club Music,
Diversions Music and Skryptöm
Steve Bug – ‘Rexology
released the 4th of october on Rex Club Music
synths-led whirring and dubbed out minimal atmospheric techno

Valery B, directeur adjoint du Rex Club
sur Intruders TV

OXIA - ‘Secret Point EP
released the 14th of october on Diversions Music
mystic sonic, devilfishly and deep groovy house
on a spaced out polished techno core

Oxia sur Intruders TV
Adventice ‎– ‘Weeding EP
released the 17th of june on Deeply Rooted
deep dark industrial, percussive tribal and trippy dubby techno

half of Adventice, Traumer
sur Intruders TV

Wlderz – ‘Sad Industry
released the 4th of january on Skryptöm
powerful mesmerizing techno
with electronica melodic and broken elements

Le duo Wlderz,
à propos de leur Sad Industry EP

interview complète à partir de fin-février
sur Intruders TV

Electric Rescue,
fondateur de Skryptöm Records
sur Intruders TV

… et Electric Rescue…
à nouveau sur Intruders TV

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Claude VonStroke | HNQO | Digitalism | Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld

4 EPs released on Dirtybird, D.O.C., Magnetism and Systematic
Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld - ‘Hidden Karisma EP
released the 1st of july on Systematic
cosmic, harmonic and darker progressive electronic soul

Marc Romboy on Intruders TV
HNQO – ‘Balinese Death
released the 15th of july on D.O.C.
synths-led floating epic melodic techno

D.O.C. label founder, Gui Boratto
on Intruders TV

Digitalism – ‘Destination Breakdown Remixes
released the 8th of july on Magnetism Recordings
indie-rock, synth-pop, broken dub and acid disco remixes

Digitalism on Intruders TV
Claude VonStroke – ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit ?
- 10th Anniversary Remixes

released the 27th of may on Dirtybird
slinky stripped back, tribal percussive techno abd laid back groovy house remixes of the tech-funk original track

Claude VonStroke on Intruders TV

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Dominik Eulberg | Sepalcure | Hunter/Game | Omar Salgado

4 EPs released on Herzblut, HotFlush,
Kompakt and What Now Becomes
Omar Salgado – ‘Caduceo EP
released the 20th of july on What Now Becomes
moody abstract piano-led minimal techno

What Now Becomes label founders
Francesco Assenza and Andrea Ferlin
on Intruders TV

Dominik Eulberg – ‘Mimikry & Mimese EP
released the 15th of july on Herzblut Recordings
cosmic whirring narrative and melancholic techno atmosphere

Dominik Eulberg on Intruders TV


Herzblut label founder,
Stephan Bodzin on Intruders TV

Sepalcure - ‘Fight for Us / Loosen Up (Remixes)
released the 8th of july on Hotflush Recordings
boogie balearic nu disco-pop and melodic euphoric broken beat

Hotflush Recordings founder,
Scuba on Intruders TV

Hunter/Game – ‘Adaptation Remixe
released the 24th of may on Kompakt
seductive synth-techno-pop to ambient
via melodic, hypnotic and epic minimal techno

Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt
on Intruders TV

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Inigo Kennedy | Wehbba | Wassermann | Neil Parkes

4 EPs released on Missile, Elevate, Protekt and Leftroom Lid

Neil Parkes - ‘Fallin In Love EP
released the 8th of july on Leftroom Limited
groove-led bass and dubby glitched house

Leftroom label founder, Matt Tolfrey
on Intruders TV

Wassermann – ‘Die Schallplatte Remixe
released the 6th of june on Protekt
transcode techno-pop to trippy dubby techno,
throbbing electro and scratchy ambient

Wassermann aka Wolfgang Voigt
on Intruders TV

Wehbba – ‘The Observer EP
released the 19th of august on Elevate
groovy hypnotic and haunting techno

Elevate label founders, Pig & Dan
on Intruders TV

Inigo Kennedy - ‘Silent Tantrums EP
originally released in april 1997
and re-issued the 8th of august on Missile Records
old school avant-gardist rich-textured raw techno

Inigo Kennedy on Intruders TV


Missile Records founder, Tim Taylor
on Intruders TV

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Butch | Majora | Montel | Marshall Jefferson & Jay-C feat. K Alexi

4 EPs released on Moon Harbour, Roska Kicks & Snares,
Leena Music, Freakin909
Majora – ‘Urges / Lint Roller
released the 5th of august on Roska Kicks & Snares
chugging UK Funky Bass beats

Roska Kicks & Snares label founder,
Roska on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with Untold)

Montel - ‘Paper Wings
released the 16th of september on Leena Music
melodic techy bass driven house

Leena Music co-founder, Anja Schneider
on Intruders TV

Butch – ‘El Camion
released the 29th of june on Moon Harbour
bubbly hypnotic tribal percussive house

Butch on Intruders TV
Marshall Jefferson & Jay C feat. K’ Alexi – ‘Kiss The Dragon
released the 13th of june on Freakin909
euphoric soulful Chicago house grooves

K’Alexi on Intruders TV

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A1B | Ebony / ‘R’ | Rebekah | Hidden Empire & Channel X

4 EPs released on A1B, Jericho One, Soma and Stil Vor Talent
A1B ‎– ‘Part 1
released the 4th of july on A1B
colorful synths-percussive soulful broken house

A1B aka A1 Bassline on Intruders TV
Èbony vs ‘R’ ‎– ‘Real Truth
released the 6th of june on Jericho One
intense industrial and ravey drummy techno

Jericho One label founder,
(besides Creme Organization)
DJ TLR on Intruders TV

Rebekah - ‘Anxiety
released the 22nd of august on Soma Records
energic pulsating, pounding and subdued mesmerizing techno

Soma Records founders,
Slam on Intruders TV

Hidden Empire Channel X – ‘Hidden Empire vs. Channel X
released the 15th of july on Stil Vor Talent
dynamic infectious shadowing throbbing techno

Stil Vor Talent label founder,
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

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F.E.X | Timid Boy | Dynarec | Future Sound of Antwerp

4 EPs released on Hydrozoa, Time Has Changed,
Technorama Records and Deewee
Timid Boy – ‘My Number 3 EP
(feat. Shosho and DJ Lion & Tomy Wahl remixes)
released the 4th of november on Time Has Changed Records
tribal house grooves with throbbing and rubbery driving remixes

Timid Boy sur Intruders TV
F.E.X. – ‘Freundz EP
Released the 24th of october on Hydrozoa
stripped down brooding mystical atmospheric techno

F.E.X. sur Intruders TV
Future Sound of Antwerp – ‘Tom Cruise, Scientologist
released the 28th of January on Deewee
psyche squealing lo-fi techno, dusty synthpop and hypno-micro-house

les 2 Many DJs, fondateurs de Deewee
sur Intruders TV

dynArec – ‘In Your Hand
(feat. The Exaltics and Voiski remixes)
released the 18th of november on Technorama Records
romantic and futuristic rich-textured complex electro

DJ Jee, fondateur de Technorama
sur Intruders TV


Voiski sur Intruders TV

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Pig & Dan | Anja Schneider | Mattew Jay | Kevin Castro

4 EPs released on Drumcode, Mobilee,
Selected Records and SCI+TEC
Anja Schneider - ‘Rain
released the 15th of july on mobilee
silky groovy soulful melodic minimal house

Anja Schneider on Intruders TV
Kevin Castro - ‘Sci-Fix
released the 15th of july on SCI+TEC
freaky laser-guided sci-fi bouncy techno

SCI+TEC label founder, Dubfire
on Intruders TV

Mattew Jay – ‘Sandstorm
released the 4th of july on Selected Records
dark throbbing atmospheric driving techno

Selected Records’ founders
Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy on Intruders TV

Pig & Dan - ‘Mexico
released the 6th of june on Drumcode
stripped tunneling, dub industrial and euphoric hypnotic techno

Pig & Dan on Intruders TV

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