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Frankie Reyes, Common, Hollie Cook, Jorge Caiado

4 peaceful atmospheres beyond boundaries of musical genres
from downtempo to deep house via reggae dub and spiritual rap
on Gifted & Blessed, Artium/Def Jam, Mr Bongo and Balance labels
Frankie Reyes – ‘Technoindigenous Studies EP No. 1
released the 3rd of june on Gifted & Blessed
peaceful downtempo flow with ancestral voices approach

Frankie Reyes aka GB on Intruders TV
Common – ‘Kingdom‘ feat. Vince Staples
released the 30th of may on Artium / Def Jam Recordings
first single taken from the album’Nobody’s Smiling’
coming up the 22nd of july
spiritual rap with oulfull beats and gospel samples background

Common on Intruders TV
Hollie Cook – ‘Looking For Real Love / 99
(taken from Hollie’s second album ‘Twice‘)
released the 10th of june on Mr Bongo
sweet reggae dub with cinematic-like chords

Hollie Cook on Intruders TV
Jorge Caiado – ‘Fragil / Trintaeum EP’
coming up the 1st of july on Balance
[UPDATE: finally released the 23rd of february 15 on Inner Balance]
classy brilliant chords deep house

Balance label founder
Chez Damier on Intruders TV

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Cubenx | Teho & Van Did | Relay | Yør

4 kinds of floating and betwitching soundscapes on Creme Organization, infiné, Herzblut Recordings and Our Circula Sound labels
Cubenx – ‘Mercurial EP’
released the 26th of may on infiné
sweet floating electronic ballad tainted of guitar & piano

Cubenx on Intruders TV
Teho & Van Did – ‘Hope EP’
released the 5th of june on Herzblut Recordings
emotional immersive, multilayered soundscapes

Herzblut Recordings founder
Stephan Bodzin on Intruders TV

Yør – ‘Lack Of Beeing EP’
coming up soon on Creme Organization
mesmerizing dark techno

Creme Organization founder
DJ TLR on Intruders TV

Relay – ‘Untitled 1-3
released the 9th of june on Our Circula Sound
deep dark & industrial techno

Our Circula Sound label founder
Sigha on Intruders TV

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Black Smith Craft | Electric Rescue | Collective Machine | Meda | Greg Delon

selection of 6 EPs just released or coming soon
from deep’n'cutting edge house to lunar rave and raw techno
via vocal poppy house, original electro and deep’n'latin grooves
Meda – ‘Only You‘ (feat. Anthony Shakir remix)
released the 4th of june on Neverending Records
groovy catchy deep house with cutting-edge remixes

à propos de Neverending Records
avec Citizen Kain sur Intruders TV


Anthony Shakir on Intruders TV
Greg Delon – Cocaine All the Time (feat. Mister K)
released the 31st of march on Way of House, sublabel of WOH Lab
bewitching poppy vocal house

Greg Delon sur Intruders TV
Black Smith Craft – ‘Noises At Night EP’
coming up the 21st of june on Bass Pressure Records
punchy original electro & techno

Antony Dupont,
fondateur de Bass Pressure Records
sur Intruders TV

Collective Machine – ‘Shake You EP’
released the 27th of may on Jett Records
rolling deep & latin grooves

Fred Siera, fondateur de Jett Records
sur Intruders TV

Electric Rescue – ‘Facing the Blue EP’
released the 12th of may on ARTS Digital Series
stabbing loop & old school raw techno, Jeff Mills style

Listen also to this previous Electric Rescue release
Auriga EP‘ (feat. Maxime Dangles remix)
released the 21th of april on Driving Force Recordings
lunar rave techno

Electric Rescue sur Intruders TV


Maxime Dangles sur Intruders TV

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Black Strobe////// \\\\\\Viktor Coup?K

… 2 ways to make crossover around rock…
between rock’n'blues electronic to rap’n'rock with a bit of electro
Black Strobe – ‘Going Back Home EP’
released the 23rd of may on Blackstrobe Records
mix rock and blues guitars with electronic loops and dancefloor beats

Arnaud Rebotini (Black Strobe)
sur Intruders TV

Viktor Coup?K – ‘Crée ou Crève EP’
released the 12th of may on Paradoxx Productions / Musicast
fusion rap’n'rock with a bit of electro psyche

Viktor Coup?K
(en mode Kalash) sur Intruders TV


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Fitz and The Tantrums | Sondre Lerche | Ranacat | Sweatshop Boys

Ranacat – ‘Mad Man
released the 23rd of may on mobilee
sweet, dreamy, deep, melodic house

mobilee label co-founder, Anja Schneider
on Intruders TV

Fitz and The Tantrums – ‘The Walker Remix EP
released the 27th of may on WEA/Elecktra Records
6 very different re-interpretations of the huge synthe-pop hit blending whistling with synthy, party-ready keys

Flashback: check out also videos of the album (inc. The Walker original)
Fitz and The TantrumsMore Than Just A Dream
released in may 2013 on Elektra / Dangerbird Records

Fitz and The Tantrums on Intruders TV
Sondre Lerche – ‘Bad Law
released the 23rd of may on Mona
sweet warm pop tune

Listen also to extracts of the latest Sondre Lerche‘s album
The Sleepwalker (Original Soundtrack in duo with Kato Ådland)
released in january 2014 on Mona / Yep Roc Music Group

Sondre Lerche on Intruders TV ————————————————————————————————————
Sweatshop Boys – ‘Wanna Be More
released the 26th of may on Leftroom
subtle infectious groove w/ broken female voice and whirring atmosphere

Leftroom label founder, Matt Tolfrey
on Intruders TV

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Oxia | DJ Unu | Tom Selekt | Pole Folder & Latham

Pole Folder & Latham – ‘Human EP’
coming up the 6th of june on Electronical Reeds
sweeping floating melodies with wide-open space atmosphere
and evocative warm male vocals

Laurent Hulstaert,
label manager d’Electronical Reeds
sur Intruders TV

Oxia – ‘Give a Feeling EP’
released the 26th of may on Material Series
airy groovy tech house

Listen also to this DJ set lately played by Oxia in Romania

Oxia sur Intruders TV
Tom Selekt – ‘Tech Over EP’
(feat. Adam Polo & Dorian Parano remixes)
released the 28th of may on Formule Records
freaky synthé & powerbass electro

Adam Polo,
fondateur de Formule Records
sur Intruders TV

Dorian Parano
(en mode-duo The Edge)
sur Intruders TV

DJ Unu – ‘Dampness EP’
released the 29th of may on Platinium Records
mental atmospheric & hypnotic driven techno

Listen also to the DJ Unu‘s latest podcast

DJ Unu sur Intruders TV


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EPs: Anja Schneider, Introspective / Robert Bosco, Chaos In The CBD, Gui Boratto

Selection of 4 EPs just released or coming soon
on mobilee, Balance Music, Hot Haus Recs and Kompakt

from sweet deep, house to floating bewitching, 90′s Berlin spirit
via raw house and suspending vocal pop-techno
Introspective / Robert Bosco
When The Rain Comes Down (feat. Jenifa Mayanja) / Untitled
released the 19th of may on Balance Music
sweet, floating, deep, house

about Balance with Chez Damier
on Intruders TV

Chaos In The CBD – ‘DeLorean Dreams EP‘ (feat. Legowelt Remix)
released the 7th of april on Hot Haus Recs
raw house,  sci-fi remix, B2 raw & melodic

Hot Haus Recs founder, DJ Haus
(in duo-interview with DJ Stingray)
on Intruders TV

Legowelt on Intruders TV ————————————————————————————————————
Gui Boratto – ‘Take Control
released the 26th of may on Kompakt
catchy bewitching suspending vocal pop-techno

Listen also to this Gui Boratto Live set for Beats in Space Radio

Gui Boratto on Intruders TV


Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt
on Intruders TV

Anja Schneider – ‘Dubmission
coming up 30th of may on mobilee
floating, bewitching, meta-musical, 90′s Berlin spirit

Listen also to this Anja Schneider DJ set in march @ Watergate

Anja Schneider on Intruders TV


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Motor City Drum Ensemble | Perseus Traxx | SQL | Editions Haighton

Selection with 4 EPs coming soon on MCDE Recordings,
Cyber Dance Records, Flow Vinyl and Hotflush Recordings

from deep Detroit house to flying techno
via deep space techno and hi-NRG italo-disco

Motor City Drum Ensemble – ‘Raw Cuts Remixes
(Marcellus Pittman, Mike Huckaby, Recloose Remixes)
coming soon on MCDE Recordings
sweet deep Detroit House

Motor City Drum Ensemble
(in duo with Jennifer Cardini)
on Intruders TV

Perseus Traxx – ‘An Apparent Horizon
coming the 2nd of june on Cyber Dance Records
deep space techno,

Listen also to this release feat. Perseus Traxx remix
Sean Dixon – ‘Perspective
released the 5th of may on Final Chapter

Perseus Traxx on Intruders TV
Editions Haighton – ‘Italia ’83
coming the 26th of may on Hotflush Recordings
italo-disco, Hi-NRG,

Hotflush’s founder Scuba
on Intruders TV

SQL – ‘Velour EP’ (ft. Tom Real & Wehbba)
coming the 26th of may on Flow Vinyl
flying techno

SQL on Intruders TV


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Sebo K | Saints & Sinners | R-Zone | Chez Damier / Heart 2 Heart

Selection of 4 EPs just released or coming soon on
on Systematic, R-Zone, mobilee and Say The Word

from deep house to sci-fi nu disco
via catchy rooftop house and  raw raving acid techno
Chez Damier / Heart 2 Heart – ‘Say The Word…
coming out the 26th of may on Balance Music
percussion, flying synths, strings, xx, deep house

Chez Damier on Intruders TV
Sebo K – ‘Avalanche
released the 11th of april on mobilee
catchy rooftop house, bewitching modern acid-house

Sebo K on Intruders TV
R-Zone 09
released the 30th of march on R-Zone
raw raving acid techno,

R-Zone’s founder DJ TLR
on Intruders TV

Saints & Sinners – ‘Pushin’ Too Hard (Wehbba Remixes)’
released the 19th of may on Systematic
nu disco, italo-disco, flying & bewitching house & techno, sci-fi, ravy,

Systematic’s founder Marc Romboy
on Intruders TV

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▲Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy▲ ▲▲Kissy Sell Out▲▲ ▲▲Martin Eyerer▲▲ ▲Artenvielfalt▲

Selection of 4 EPs just released
on Light My Fire, Selected Records, Leena Music
and San City High Records

from sunset modern deep house to driven & hypnotic house
via speed Garage and nebulous atmosphere
Artenvielfalt – ‘The World Today
released the 16th of may on Light My Fire
sunset modern european deep house

Light My Fire’s founder Oliver Koletzki
on Intruders TV

Kissy Sell Out – ‘The Promise EP‘ (feat. Holly Lois and Angie Brown)
released the 19th of may on San City High Records
90′s UK garage & speed garage with a bit of Bass music

EP tittle track in full length

Kissy Sell Out on Intruders TV
Martin Eyerer – ‘The Foo / Bloop
released the 16th of may on Leena Music
nebulous atmosphere

Leena Music co-founder Anja Schneider
on Intruders TV

Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy – ‘Persa EP
released the 12th of may on Selected Records
driven and hypnotic techno

Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy on Intruders TV

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