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▲Maxime Dangles▲ ▲▲Gore Tech▲▲

2 albums released on Skryptöm and Ad Noiseam
Maxime Dangles - ‘Résilience LP
released the 11th of may on Skryptöm
harmonious’n'mesmerizing combination
of melodic bewitching’n'poweful techno
with dreamlike romantic electronica

Maxime Dangles
à propos de Résilience
sur Intruders TV

Maxime Dangles
(1ère interview) sur Intruders TV


Electric Rescue, fondateur de Skryptöm,
sur Intruders TV

Gore Tech – ‘Futurphobia
released the 13th of april on Ad Noiseam
heavy’n'infectious breakcore and industrial
combined with slower daring pieces

Nicolas Chevreux,
fondateur du label Ad Noiseam,
sur Intruders TV

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Akatana |||| Thyladomid

2 chillin’ albums released on Sleep is Commercial and Diynamic
Akatana – ‘Inkscape
released the 20th of march on Sleep is Commercial
peaceful elegant ambient soundscapes

Sleep is Commercial label founders
Francesco Assenza and Andrea Ferlin
on Intruders TV

Thyladomid - ‘Interstellar Destiny
released the 30th of march on Diynamic
lush melancholic laidback deep sounds

Diynamic label founder,
Solomun on Intruders TV

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Scuba |||| Crayon Mortel

IDM-oriented journeys
through 2 albums released on Hotflush Recordings and 51 Beats
Crayon Mortel – ‘PIEL
released the 27th of february on 51 Beats
floating trip with flows of vivid IDM, liquid ambient
and mesmerizing  deep electronic melodies

51 Beats label founder, Robidat
(in trio-ITW-demo with Plasman & Pepe)
on Intruders TV

Scuba - ‘Claustrophobia
released the 23rd of march on Hotflush Recordings
intricating envelopping journey
into hypnotic techno, sci-fi ambient & dazzling IDM

Scuba on Intruders TV

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Guti ||| Prairie

2 albums released on Defected and Shitkatapult
Prairie – ‘Like A Pack Of Hounds
released the 2nd of march on Shitkatapult
dark beautiful and fragile post-post rock ambient trip

Shitkatapult label co-owner,
Daniel Meteo on Intruders TV

Guti- ‘Rompecorazones Remixed
released the 15th of february on Defected
Various Artists’ sensitive electronic re-interpretations
of the piano-based classical and jazz album

Guti on Intruders TV

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Turzi ||| Raoul Sinier

2 baroque albums just released
Turzi - ‘C
released the 16th of march on Records Makers
romantic and cinematic baroque psyche-electro rock

Romain Turzi sur Intruders TV
Raoul Sinier – ‘Late Statues
self-released the 16th of march
intense, dark & baroque noisy electro glitch

Raoul Sinier sur Intruders TV

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Rising Sun Systems | Marcus Saudy

from chillwave new age & sci-fi cyberspace ambient
to trippy cerebral downtempo via smooth deep techno

2 albums released on Nightwind Records and Mezé
Rising Sun Systems – ‘Oberheim Space
released the 5th of march on Nightwind Records
chillwave new age & sci-fi cyberspace ambient

Rising Sun Systems aka Legowelt
on Intruders TV

Marcus Saudy – ‘Honest Mind
released the 23rd of march on Mezé
from smooth deep techno to trippy cerebral downtempo

Mezé label co-founder,
(besides Motech Records)
DJ 3000 on Intruders TV

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Jenia Lubich ||| Ghostpoet

from sensitive pop-folk to moody alternative rock’n'soul trip-hop
2 albums released on Kwaidan Records and Play It Again Sam
Jenia Lubich – ‘Russian Girl’
release in digital the 3rd of march 2014 on Kwaidan Records
(previously CD-released in 2011 on Никитин ЭмДиСи)
sensitive, lush and elegant pop-folk

Jenia Lubich on Intruders TV
Ghostpoet - ‘Shedding Skin
released the 2nd of march on Play It Again Sam
moody hypnotic alternative rock’n'soul with a trip-hop touch

Ghostpoet on Intruders TV

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Model 500 |||| P-ben

an exploration into the future of electro and techno
by the originator of the genre

following an encounter between Detroit melodies and European sounds
… 2 albums just released on Metroplex and Motech
P-ben – ‘Influence
released the 2nd of march on Motech
when melodic Detroit meets European techno’n'house
a blend of surging house swing and old-school techno thrust
between lush and darker material, high energy and moodier turn
with robust house grooves, uplifting chords and colourful pads

Motech label founder,
DJ 3000 on Intruders TV

Model 500 – ‘Digital Solutions
released the 18th of february on Metroplex
crisp array of futursitic electro and techno with funk under the hood
a glimpse into the future of electronic music
by the originator of the genre

Model 500 & Metroplex founder,
Juan Atkins on Intruders TV

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▲▲▲Sarah Zeppilli▲▲▲ ▲The Inspector Cluzo▲

first lush sensual poetic pop then raw garage punk rock,
2 albums released on Cactus & Silk Records
and Fuck The Bass Player / Suicidal Records
Sarah Zeppilli – ‘Larmes D’homme
released the 2nd of march on Cactus & Silk Records
Lovely lush sensual romantic poetic and a bit cinematic pop

Sarah Zeppilli sur Intruders TV
The Inspector Cluzo – ‘Gasconha Rocks
released in september 2013 in France on Fuck The Bass Player
and the 24th february 2015 in Noth America on Suicidal Records
raw electric garage punk rock

The Inspector Cluzo sur Intruders TV

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Saycet |||||| Joey Kay

from melancholic melodic soundscapes
to a journey thorugh times of Chicago house
2 albums released on Météores-Music and Skylax Extra Series
Saycet – ‘Mirage
released the 23rd of february on Météores-Music
bewitching and contemplative flow
of melancholic melodic and sensory soundscapes

Pierre Lefeuvre,
créateur du projet Saycet,
sur Intruders TV

Joey Kay – ‘The heart & Soul of Joey Kay
(a Chicago Retrospective 1990 – 2012)
released the 5th of february on Skylax Extra Series
awesome evolutive collection crossing the times
from US Garage to darker and more melancholic deep house
via techier but still funky and jazzy sounds

à propos de Skylax
avec Hardrock Striker sur Intruders TV


Hardrock Striker,
fondateur de Skylax
… à nouveau sur Intruders TV

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