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Raoul Sinier ||| Kursed

Raoul Sinier - ‘Descente’
self-released the 28th of october
complex, subtle and glitch rough experimental

Raoul Sinier sur Intruders TV
Kursed - ‘Misophone
released the 19th of january on le petit chat noir
rough and grungy to bluesy and classy rock’nroll

Kursed sur Intruders TV


fondatrice de le petit chat noir
sur Intruders TV

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▲▲Rudi Zygadlo▲▲ ▲Reinier Zonneveld▲

Rudi Zygadlo – ‘Misguided Episodes (2009​-​2015)
self-released the 18th of october
50-pieces collection
from pop-songs to synth-pop, downtempo, glitch and electro-jazz

Rudi Zygadlo on Intruders TV
Reinier Zonneveld - ‘Megacity Servant
released the 23rd of september on Stil Vor Talent
melancholic trippy to rolling cavernous techno

Stil Vor Talent label founder,
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

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Zandvoort & Uilenbal | Christian Vogel

2 albums released on Nightwind Records and Shitkatapult
Zandvoort & Uilenbal – ‘Geruis Uit Somberdorp
released the 15th of august on Nightwind Records
relaxing and melancholic classical-influenced ambient

Half of Zandvoort & Uilenbal,
Legowelt on Intruders TV

Cristian Vogel – ‘The Assistenz
released the 16th of september on Shitkatapult
spectral exploration from electronica, IDM & ambient
to droning rhythmic noise, broken dub techno and futuristic electro

Shitkatapult label co-owner,
Daniel Meteo on Intruders TV

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Mild High Club ||| Scar

2 albums released on Stones Throw and Metalheadz
Mild High Club - ‘Skiptracing
released the 26th of august on Stones Throw Records
lush sunshine pop with psychedelic, jazz and funk elements

Stones Throw label manager Europe,
Alex Robinson on Intruders TV

Scar - ‘The Orkyd Project
released the 17th of june on Metalheadz
versatile deep dynamic soul D’n'B
tainted of cosmic soul, grime, breaks, jazz and funk

Metalheadz founder, Goldie
on Intruders TV

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~~~~The 7th Plain~~~~ ~~Martino Nencioni~~

2 albums released on A-TON and 51 Beats
The 7th Plain – ‘Chronicles I
released the 2nd of august on a-ton
intense, emotional, eerie and escapist ambient without boundaries

The 7th Plain aka Luke Slater
(in duo-interview with Jack de Marseille)
on Intruders TV

Martino NencioniSnowing on Lava
released the 14th of luly on 51 Beats
meditative journey from cosmic ambient to IDM & ravey-techno

51 Beats label founder, Robidat
(with Plasman & Pepe)
on Intruders TV

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Ufocus ||| Sturqen

2 albums released on Nightwind Records and Kvitnu
Sturqen – ‘Cura
released the 3rd of june on Kvitnu
intense post-industrial rhythmic noise to relaxing and cosmic ambient

Kvitnu label founder, Kotra
(in duo-interview with Zavoloka)
on Intruders TV

Ufocus ‎– ‘Guidance For The Puzzled
released the 13th of june on Nightwind Records
eclectic spaced out journey
ranging from introvert ambient to raw galactic techno

Ufocus aka Legowelt
on Intruders TV

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Merrin Karras ||| Weval

2 albums released on A Strangely Isolated Place and Kompakt
Merrin Karras – ‘Apex
released the 29th of july on A Strangely Isolated Place
journey through narrative melodic sci-fi ambient soundscapes

Merrin Karras aka Chymera
on Intruders TV

Weval – ‘Weval
released the 10th of july on Kompakt
immersive emotive, moody and trippy dark pop electronic music

Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt
on Intruders TV

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Frankie Reyes || Oddisee

2 albums released on Stones Throw and Mello Music Group
Frankie Reyes - ‘Boleros Valses y Mas
released the 29th of july on Stones Throw Records
popular Latin standards, reworked with an Oberheim synthesizer
and by removing lyrics with just keeping the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic aspects

Frankie Reyes aka GB on Intruders TV


Stones Throw label manager Europe,
Alex Robinson on Intruders TV

Oddisee - ‘The Odd Tape
released the 13th of may on Mello Music Group
journey into a dayly life through soul, jazz and hip-hop instrumentals

Oddisee on Intruders TV

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Laura J Martin ||| Plasman

2 albums released on Shape Records and Stato Elettrico
Plasman – ‘Endless Wave
released the 15th of june on Stato Elettrico
cosmic ambient soundscapes

Plasman on Intruders TV
(with Pepe and 51 Beats founder, Robidat)

Laura J Martin – ‘On the Never Never
released the 11th of march on Shape Records
raw multi-layered sonic journey
with graceful unfussy rhythm and sweet vocal

Laura J Martin on Intruders TV


French Boutik || Charlotte Savary

Charlotte Savary – ‘Seasons
self-released the 7th of october
cinematic folk songs telling a love story across the seasons

Charlotte Savary sur Intruders TV
French Boutik - ‘Front Pop
released the 21th of october on Copasedisques
harmonic pop moderniste with bright melodies and warm psyche sounds instru

Gabriela et Serge de French Boutik
sur Intruders TV

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