Stephan Bodzin | Palace | Kyrill & Redford | Xaber

from moody minimal to mesmerizing melodic techno
via heavy-bass driven UK garage and trippy melodic ballads

4 EPs released on Systematic, Hot Sh!t Recs In Effekt!,
Light My Fire and What Now Becomes
Xaber – ‘Dreser Pink
released the 27th of may on What Now Becomes

What Now Becomes label founders
Francesco Assenza and Andrea Ferlin
on Intruders TV

Palace - ‘Codex
released the 18th of may on Hot Shit Recs In Effekt!

Hot Shit Recs In Effekt! founder,
DJ Haus aka Hot City
(in duo with DJ Stingray) on Intruders TV

Kyrill & Redford – ‘Say‘ (inc. Beckers remix)
released the 15th of may on Light My Fire

Light My Fire label founder,
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

Stephan Bodzin - ‘Sungam (Remixes)
Remixes by Fur CoatRodriguez Jr. and Patrice Bäumel
released the 11th of may on Systematic

Stephan Bodzin on Intruders TV


Rodriguez Jr
lors de sa 1ère apparition
sur Intruders TV

Systematic label founder,
Marc Romboy on Intruders TV

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