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Timid Boy | Paul Nazca | Madben | D’Julz

4 EPs released on Street King, 200 Records,
Astropolis Records and Phonogramme
Timid Boy – ‘Take It / Desire
released the 16th of may on Street King
groovy hypnotic techy minimal house

Timid Boy sur Intruders TV
D’Julz ‎– ‘Escapade EP
released the 22nd of april on Phonogramme
trippy deep house

Didier Allyne et John Sill,
fondateurs de Phonogramme
(subdivision de Syncrophone Recordings)
sur Intruders TV

Paul Nazca – ‘Verdy EP
released the 20th of may on 200 Records
floating liquid deep techno soundscapes

Paul Nazca sur Intruders TV
Madben - ‘Into the Woods‘ (feat.  Slam remix)
released the 27th of may on Astropolis Records
bewitching and colorful ravey tribal techno

Madben sur Intruders TV


Slam duo on Intruders TV

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