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Karim Sahraoui | Akufen | Traumer | Timid Boy & Alexandar Ivkovic

4 EPs released on Arts Transparent, Karat, gettraum and Set About
Akufen ‎– ‘EP
released the 5th of january on Karat Records
funky jazzy to abstract, broken and drama cinematic house

Laetitia et Alex Katapult,
fondateurs de Karat Records,
sur Intruders TV

Traumer – ‘gettraum003
released the 28th of november on Gettraum
stripped back spiralling atmospheric tribal micro-house

Traumer sur Intruders TV
Timid Boy & Alexandar Ivkovic – ‘This Is Hardgroove
released the 19th of december on Set About
solid hardgroove house

Timid Boy sur Intruders TV
Karim Sahraoui  - ‘Alpha & Omega EP
released the 18th of november on Arts Transparent
beautiful rich-textured atmospherica drama Detroit-like melodic techno

Karim Sahraoui sur Intruders TV

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