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Arnaud Rebotini ||| Kmyle

2 albums released on Blackstrobe Records and Skryptöm
Arnaud Rebotini - ‘120 Battements Par Minute (Original Soundtrack)
released the 1st of september on Blackstrobe Records
harmonic cinematic blend of classical, ambient, deep and garage house full of piano, flute and strings

Arnaud Rebotini
Intruders TV

Kmyle - ‘Northern Landscapes
released the 20th of september on Skryptöm
elegant melancholic energetic atmospheric techno
with deep melodies, powerful bassline, broken beats and electronica

Intruders TV

Electric Rescue,
fondateur de Skryptöm
sur Intruders TV

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Arnaud Rebotini | Voiski | Stereoscope | Bolis Pupul

4 EPs released on Blackstrobe, Sheik ‘N’ Beik,
Fondation and Deewee
Bolis Pupul - ‘Wèi? / Teknow
released the 27th of january on Deewee
melodic cosmic disco and psyche-bleep techno

les 2 Many DJs, fondateurs de Deewee
sur Intruders TV

Voiski ‎– ‘Soundless Pattern Of The Tortoise’s Walk
released the 27th of january on Sheik ‘N’ Beik Records
slinky groovy hypnotic and emotive soulful tunneling techno

Voiski sur Intruders TV
Arnaud Rebotini - ‘Desillusion
released the 9th of december on Blackstrobe Records
dark menacing distorted to mesmerizing sci-fi, acid and epic techno

Arnaud Rebotini sur Intruders TV
Stereoscope – ‘Clouds
released the 21st of november on Fondation Records
shiny energetic indie-rock and seductive blues-rock

Danton Eeprom,
fondateur de Fondation Records
sur Intruders TV

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▲Electric Rescue▲ ▲Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési▲

2 albums released on Skryptöm and Blackstrobe Records
Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési - ‘Frontières
released the 22nd of april on Blackstrobe Records
fascinating fusion between techno and electro-acoustic

Arnaud Rebotini sur Intruders TV
Electric Rescue - ‘Parallel Behaviors
released the 26th of may on Skryptöm
ravey journey in between bewitching raw techno
and stabbing electronica melodies

Electric Rescue
à propos de son album Parallel Behaviors
sur Intruders TV

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French Boutik | Kursed | Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési | Blondinethemix

from pop modernist to techno-electroacoustics
via dynamic rock and trippy shrilling electro

3 EPs released on 25h43 productions, Blackstrobe Records and Formule Records
+1 crowdfunding single
French Boutik - ‘Le Mac
Crowdfunding single
presented the 8th of january for French Boutik’s 1st Album

Gabriela et Serge de French Boutik
sur Intruders TV

Kursed – ‘Apple
released the 25th of september on 25h43 Productions

fondatrice de 25h43 Productions
sur Intruders TV

Blondinethemix – ‘Robot Girls EP
released the 11th of december on Formule Records

Adam Polo,
fondateur de Formule Records
sur Intruders TV

Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési – ‘Acidmonium EP
released the 4th of december on Blackstrobe Records

Arnaud Rebotini Intruders TV

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Arnaud Rebotini | Hecq | MZKBX

2 albums just released on Blackstrobe Records and Ad Noiseam
+ another one released earlier in springtime on Karat Records

from melancholic soundscapes to space disco, acid and proto house
via dub-heavy downtempo, IDM, breakbeat, hardcore and techno
Arnaud Rebotini – Original Soundtrack of ‘Eastern Boys
(a movie production by Les Films de Pierre
directed by Robin Campillo )
released the 30th of may on Blackstrobe Records
melancholic’n'poetic ambient soundscapes
with a bit of hypnotic techno

Arnaud Rebotini Intruders TV
Hecq – ‘Conversions
(remixes album as a tribute to influences and friends of the artist)
released the 7th of july on Ad Noiseam
between deep and atmospheric, dub-heavy downtempo, IDM,
flowing melodies, mesmerizing loop, hardcore, breakbeat and techno

Nicolas Chevreux,
fondateur du label Ad Noiseam,
sur Intruders TV

MZKBX ‎– From This Desire
released the 11th of march on Karat Records
collection of proto house and space disco,
infused with mid 80′s acid Chicago flavor

Laetitia et Alex Katapult,
fondateurs de Karat Records,
sur Intruders TV

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Black Strobe////// \\\\\\Viktor Coup?K

… 2 ways to make crossover around rock…
between rock’n'blues electronic to rap’n'rock with a bit of electro
Black Strobe – ‘Going Back Home EP’
released the 23rd of may on Blackstrobe Records
mix rock and blues guitars with electronic loops and dancefloor beats

Arnaud Rebotini (Black Strobe)
sur Intruders TV

Viktor Coup?K – ‘Crée ou Crève EP’
released the 12th of may on Paradoxx Productions / Musicast
fusion rap’n'rock with a bit of electro psyche

Viktor Coup?K
(en mode Kalash) sur Intruders TV


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