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Traumer | Maya Schenk | Francesco Tristano | Bluehost

4 EPs released on Gettraum, Henri,
Get Physical Music and Continental Records
Traumer ‎– ‘gettraum002
released the 25th of may on Gettraum
moody & percussive micro-house

Traumer sur Intruders TV
Bluehost – ‘We Need You EP
[feat. Pallace and Copycat remixes)
released the 3rd of april on Continental Records
sunny melodic vocal synth-pop

Jerry Bouthier,
co-fondateur de Continental Records,
sur Intruders TV

Maya Schenk - ‘Rigmarole EP
released the 6th of may for the launch of Henri
epic euphoric vs hypnotic dark vocal techno

Maya Schenk sur Intruders TV
Francesco Tristano – ‘Place on Lafayette (Remixes)
inc. Thomas Gandley & Radio Slave, Guti and Tuff City Kids RMXs
relased the 22th of april on Get Physical Music
deep melodic jazzy piano techno

Francesco Tristano sur Intruders TV


Guti on Intruders TV

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