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Soulwax ft. Chloë Sevigny | Citizen Kain | Wielki | Jules & Moss

4 EPs released on Deewee, BluFin, Way of House and Fondation
Jules & Moss – ‘Arts Community EP
released the th of march on Fondation Records
sexy low-down modern electro-disco

Danton Eeprom & Andreas Tome,
fondateur et manager de Fondation Rec.,
sur Intruders TV

Soulwax feat. Chloë Sevigny – ‘Heaven Scent’
released the 15th of june on Deewee
cinematic sci-fi dark electro to colorful melodious deep house

les 2 Many DJs, fondateurs de Soulwax et Deewee
sur Intruders TV

Wielki – ‘Empire
released the 23rd of september on Way of House
melancholic melodic house

Greg Delon, fondateur de Way of House,
sur Intruders TV

Citizen Kain - ‘Low Blow
released the 1st of august on BluFin
minimal atmospheric techno

Citizen Kain sur Intruders TV

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Zadig | Citizen Kain | Turzi | The Plans

from deep space techno to subtle and festive energic rock
via bewitching dark techno and pysche cinematic atmosphere

4 EPs released on Syncrophone Recordings, Record Makers,
Blu Fin and 25h43 Productions,
Zadig – ‘Kern Space Adventures Episode #2′
released the 13th of april on Syncrophone Recordings
deep space techno

Zadig sur Intruders TV


Dider Allyne et John Sill,
fondateurs de Syncrophone Recordings
sur Intruders TV

Citizen Kain – ‘The Elephant
released the 29th of april on BluFin
bewitching dark techno

Citizen Kain sur Intruders TV
Turzi - ‘Colombe EP
released the 4th of may on Records Makers
psyche cinematic atmosphere

Romain Turzi sur Intruders TV
The Plans – ‘Brainstorm Party
released the 11th of may on 25h43 Productions
subtle and festive energic rock

fondatrice de 25h43 Productions
sur Intruders TV

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La Nuit Rouge 2014 - headliners - reduced

La Nuit Rouge 2014… Huge !

an awesome line-up in the South of France
La Nuit Rouge
@ Dock des Suds – Marseille
in may 2014, sat. 17th

an event set up by Vision Music
with Intruders TV as media Partner

… Back on La Nuit Rouge 2013…

interviews in english with Guti and Far Too Loud

Guti on Intruders TV


Far Too Loud on Intruders TV


interviews en français avec Oxia et Toxic Avenger

Oxia sur Intruders TV


The Toxic Avenger sur Intruders TV
Focus on a french artist who will be @ La Nuit Rouge 2014:
Citizen Kain, founder of Neverending Records

Latest Citizen Kain EP: Catch The Cat (feat. Dapayk remix)
released the 5th of may on Way Of House

a previous Citizen Kain EP: La Brésilienne
released in december 2013 on Blu Fin

one of the latest releases (3 weeks ago) on Citizen Kain’s label
Purple Noon by bulgarian Boryana

podcast mixed by Citizen Kain
3 weeks ago for Pravda Club (Moscow)

à propos de Citizen Kain sur Intruders TV (lors de The Freakshow)


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