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Infinito2017 | Tuxedo | Sherwood & Pinch | Blursome

4 albums or extended EPs released on Joe Left Hand, Stones Throw, On-U Sound / Tectonic and Hotflush
Blursome – ‘Rendition of You
released the 24th of february on Hotflush Recordings
dark abstract leftfield ambient and spacious melancholic techno

Hotflush Recordings founder,
on Intruders TV

Sherwood & Pinch – ‘Man vs. Sofa
released the 24th of february on On-U Sound / Tectonic
wide journey without boundaries… from cosmic and broken ambient
to jittery funk, industrial droning techno and synth-grime

Adrian Sherwood
Intruders TV

Infinito 2017 – ‘Indigenous Unification Inside The Endless Nothing
released the 17th of march on Joe Left Hand Records
conscious rap with jazz, funk and broken hip-hop instru background

Infinito 2017
(in interview with Cosmo Galactus
and Thaione Davies)
on Intruders TV

Tuxedo ‎– ‘Tuxedo II
released the 24th of march on Stones Throw Records
neo-soul and slick R&B to groovy robo-funk and post-disco

Stones Throw label manager Europe,
Alex Robinson
on Intruders TV

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