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The Micronauts | Boss Axis || Mario Da Ragnio ||| Antony Dupont

3 EPs just released
on Play Label Records, Jett Records and Bass Pressure Records
+ 1 one re-issue on Micronautics

from sweet sunny house to magnetic innovative modern electro
via stimming tech house groove and energic uncrompromized techno
Boss Axis – ‘Continental
released the 12th of september on Play Label Records
sweet and floating sunny deep house

Exon Bacon,
label manager de Play Label Records
sur Intruders TV

Mario Da Ragnio – ‘First Flight EP’
Released the 16th of september on Jett Records
stimming tech house grooves

Fred Siera, fondateur de Jett Records,
sur Intruders TV

Antony Dupont – ‘Fucken Situation
released the 18th of september on Bass Pressure Records
energic uncompromised techno

Antony Dupont sur Intruders TV
The Micronauts – ‘Off The Beaten Track
released in oct 2006 on Micronautics
and re-issued the 1st of september for the label’s 10th anniversary
magnetic innovative modern electro

The Micronauts sur Intruders TV

… stay tuned…