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Champion & Four Tet | Koletzki & Schwind | DeepChord | Mod2

4 EPs released on Text Records, Stil Vor Talent,
Soma and What Now Becomes
Mod2 - ‘Primate EP
released the 24th of february on What Now Becomes
abstract minimal techno

What Now Becomes label founders
Francesco Assenza and Andrea Ferlin
on Intruders TV

DeepChord – ‘Atmospherica Vol 2
released the 5 of february on Soma Records
lush electromagnetic dub techno and droning ambient

Soma Records founders,
Slam on Intruders TV

Champion & Four Tet – ‘Flip Side / Disparate
released the 27th of january on Text Records
gassy infectious house and melodic rhythmic abstract

Four Tet on Intruders TV
Koletzki & Schwind – ‘Black Walls
released the 12th of february on Stil Vor Talent
hypnotic banging techno

Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

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