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EPs: Anja Schneider, Introspective / Robert Bosco, Chaos In The CBD, Gui Boratto

Selection of 4 EPs just released or coming soon
on mobilee, Balance Music, Hot Haus Recs and Kompakt

from sweet deep, house to floating bewitching, 90′s Berlin spirit
via raw house and suspending vocal pop-techno
Introspective / Robert Bosco
When The Rain Comes Down (feat. Jenifa Mayanja) / Untitled
released the 19th of may on Balance Music
sweet, floating, deep, house

about Balance with Chez Damier
on Intruders TV

Chaos In The CBD – ‘DeLorean Dreams EP‘ (feat. Legowelt Remix)
released the 7th of april on Hot Haus Recs
raw house,  sci-fi remix, B2 raw & melodic

Hot Haus Recs founder, DJ Haus
(in duo-interview with DJ Stingray)
on Intruders TV

Legowelt on Intruders TV ————————————————————————————————————
Gui Boratto – ‘Take Control
released the 26th of may on Kompakt
catchy bewitching suspending vocal pop-techno

Listen also to this Gui Boratto Live set for Beats in Space Radio

Gui Boratto on Intruders TV


Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt
on Intruders TV

Anja Schneider – ‘Dubmission
coming up 30th of may on mobilee
floating, bewitching, meta-musical, 90′s Berlin spirit

Listen also to this Anja Schneider DJ set in march @ Watergate

Anja Schneider on Intruders TV


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