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▲Electric Rescue▲ ▲Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési▲

2 albums released on Skryptöm and Blackstrobe Records
Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési - ‘Frontières
released the 22nd of april on Blackstrobe Records
fascinating fusion between techno and electro-acoustic

Arnaud Rebotini sur Intruders TV
Electric Rescue - ‘Parallel Behaviors
released the 26th of may on Skryptöm
ravey journey in between bewitching raw techno
and stabbing electronica melodies

Electric Rescue
à propos de son album Parallel Behaviors
sur Intruders TV

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French Boutik | Kursed | Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési | Blondinethemix

from pop modernist to techno-electroacoustics
via dynamic rock and trippy shrilling electro

3 EPs released on 25h43 productions, Blackstrobe Records and Formule Records
+1 crowdfunding single
French Boutik - ‘Le Mac
Crowdfunding single
presented the 8th of january for French Boutik’s 1st Album

Gabriela et Serge de French Boutik
sur Intruders TV

Kursed – ‘Apple
released the 25th of september on 25h43 Productions

fondatrice de 25h43 Productions
sur Intruders TV

Blondinethemix – ‘Robot Girls EP
released the 11th of december on Formule Records

Adam Polo,
fondateur de Formule Records
sur Intruders TV

Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési – ‘Acidmonium EP
released the 4th of december on Blackstrobe Records

Arnaud Rebotini Intruders TV

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