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Agoria | Cosmic Boys | From Karaoke To Stardom | Voiski

Various kind of elegant emotional techno
via 4 EPs released on Ellum Audio, Form Music, Fenou and Delsin
From Karaoke To Stardom – Bone Silence’
released the 16th of november on Fenou
retro-futuristic lo-fi then experimental complex techno

frOm KaraOkE tO StardOm
sur Intruders TV

Agoria – ‘Independence EP
released the 30th of october on Ellum Audio
Lush warm eerie and experimental hypnotic techno

Agoria sur Intruders TV


Agoria… à nouveau sur Intruders TV
Cosmic Boys – ‘The Day Before
released the 19th of october on Form Music
darkful and dynamic minimal techno

Form Music label manager,
Soliman sur Intruders TV

Voiski – ‘Breaths Written Outside Gloom
released the 2nd of november on Delsin
dark futuristic gloomy textured techno

Voiski sur Intruders TV

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Elomak | Modula | Latence | Cosmic Boys

from flying deep house to cheeky rumbling nu electro-funk
via ethereal ruff analog sounds and spaced out dark techno

4 EPs released on Sweetwax Recordings, Stay Underground it Pays,
Play Label Records and neverending Records
Latence – ‘Nebula EP
released the 19th of march on Play Label Records
flying deep house

Exon Bacon,
label manager de Play Label Records
sur Intruders TV

Modula – ‘Attraverso le influenze
released the 12th of may on Stay Underground It Pays
spatial’n'ethereal ruff analog house then techno atmospheres

Hardrock Striker,
fondateur de Stay Underground It Pays
(1ère interview) sur Intruders TV

Hardrock Striker,
fondateur de Stay Underground It Pays
(2ème interview) sur Intruders TV

Cosmic Boys – ‘Tribute
released the 15th of may on Neverending Records
‘feat. Citizen Kain & Carlo Ruetz Remixes)
spaced out dark techno

Citizen Kain,
co-fondateur de Neverending Records,
sur Intruders TV

Elomak – ‘My Life EP
(inc. OOFT!, Lee Webster, Maya Schenk and Wondernature RMXs)
released the 15th of june on Sweetwax Recordings
catchy rumbling & cheeky nu electro-funk
+ various kinds of remixes (mesmerizing minimal, groovy pumpy,
dirty UK House as balearic spatial mid tempo

Elomak sur Intruders TV


Maya Schenk sur Intruders TV


The Access,
fondateurs de Sweetwax Recordings,
sur Intruders TV

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