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ANNA | Loadstar | Red Axes | Deborah Aime La Bagarre

4 EPs released on RAM Records, Twin Turbo,
Correspondant and Boxon
Red Axes – ‘Caminho De Dreyfus
released the 23rd of september on Correspondant
new-wave tainted tropical psyche vocal electro

Correspondant label founder,
Jennifer Cardini (in duo-interview
with Motor City Drum Ensemble)
on Intruders TV

Deborah Aime La Bagarre – ‘Uppercut
released the 1st of july on Boxon Records
early-times bouncy dynamic G-house

Boxon Records founder,
Julien Minet on Intruders TV

Loadstar - ‘Red Rock / On the Wheels
released the 24th of june on RAM Records
powerful distorted and gritty vocal drum’n'bass

Loadstar’s Xample & Lomax
on Intruders TV

ANNA – ‘Artha
released the 16th of september on Twin Turbo
deep dark groovy melodic techno

ANNA on Intruders TV

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