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Aka Aka & Thalstroem with Jim Hickey | Deepbass | Sons of Robots | Yuji Sato

4 EPS released on Burlesque Musique, Soma Records,
Selected Records and What Now Becomes
Aka Aka & Thalstroem with Jim Hickey – ‘Faces Remixed
released the 11th of december on Burlesque Musique
warm poppy-house

Aka Aka & Thalstroem
on Intruders TV

Yuji Sato – ‘Cycle
released the 15th of february on What Now Becomes
moody minimal techno

What Now Becomes label founders
Francesco Assenza and Andrea Ferlin
on Intruders TV

Sons Of Robots – ‘Stardust’
released the 14th of december on Selected Records
dark driving techno

Selected Records founders,
Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy on Intruders TV

Deepbass – ‘Second Stage
released the 18th of january on Soma Records
trippy pulsating deep techno

Soma Records founders,
Slam on Intruders TV

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