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Re.You | DJ Ford Foster | Dense & Pika | Pandilla Ltd

Hypnotizing outer space ambiances
through 4 EPs just released
on Mobilee, Unknown to the Unknown, Hotflush Recordings
and Sleep is Commercial
Re.You – ‘Watching You
released the 17th of october on Mobilee
sci-fi catchy trip

Mobilee label co-founder,
Anja Schneider on Intruders TV

DJ Ford Foster – ‘Gold Cans EP’
released the 13th of october on Unknown To The Unknown
from salty jaxx and retching ghetto house to sub-low bounce,
fidgeting Dance Mania style and complex tweaky techno

Unknwon to the Unknown label founder,
DJ Haus aka Hot City
(in duo with DJ Stingray) on Intruders TV

Dense and Pika – ‘Klank EP’
released the 27th of october on Hotflush Recordings
from nightcalling techno shuffles to lunar and aquatic
post-industrial’n'deep techno journeys

Hotflush Recordings founder,
Scuba on Intruders TV

Pandilla Ltd – ‘St. Luzia EP’
released the 10th of november on Sleep is Commercial
amazing endless hypnoticarrying journey

Sleep is Commercial label founders
Francesco Assenza and Andrea Ferlin
on Intruders TV

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