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Sterac Electronics | Exo_C | DJ Harrison | Saytek

4 LPs released on Voyage Direct, Kvitnu, Stones Throw and Detone
Sterac Electronics Things to Think About
released the 10th of june on Voyage Direct
trippy early days vintage space-disco house to mutant electro-funk

Stera Electronics
aka Steve Rachmad
on Intruders TV

DJ Harrison – ‘HazyMoods
released the 16th of june on Stones Throw Records
funky, soul and jazz-tainted hip-hop instru and breaks

Stones Throw label manager Europe,
Alex Robinson
on Intruders TV

EXO_C – ‘Laboyatta
released the 2nd of august on Kvitnu
distorted post-industrial experimental ambient noise

Kvitnu label founder, Kotra
(in duo-interview with Zavoloka)
on Intruders TV

Saytek - ‘Saytek Live, Vol. 1′
released the 29th of may on Detone
Live jams with blend of house and techno travelling between acid grooves, hypnotic pulsative atmosphere and dreamy melodies

Detone founder,
Darren Emerson
on Intruders TV

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