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Slam | Stingray 313 / Mariska Neerman | K.E.E.N.E. | DJ Overdose | Noface

from deep space, abstract and melodic electro
to hypnotic, dark pulsating and physical lo-fi techno

6 EPs released on Soma records, Bleep43 recordings,
Leena Music, Unknown to the Unknown, and Jericho One
DJ Overdose – ‘Housejam Freaker
released the 20th of november on Unknown To The Unknown
deep space electro

Stingray 313 / Mariska Neerman ‎– ‘Bleep43 002
released the 25th of march on Bleep43 Recordings
intricating abstract and oceanic then melancholic and melodic electro

Unknwon to the Unknown label founder,
DJ Haus aka Hot City
in duo with DJ Stingray on Intruders TV

K.E.E.N.E. – ‘We Are Sun People
released the 30th of october on Leena Music
groovy hypnotic techno

Leena Music co-founder Anja Schneider
on Intruders TV

Slam - ‘Soma Track Series Vol. 1
released the 7th of december on Soma Records
Chicago-inspired raw house

Slam – ‘Fractious’
released the 9th of november on Soma Records
dark pulsating techno

Slam duo on Intruders TV
Noface – ‘Warrior Charge
released the 19th of october on Jericho One
physical lo-fi techno

Jericho One label founder,
(besides Creme Organization)
DJ TLR on Intruders TV

DJ TLR… again on Intruders TV

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