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Robert Babicz | Subradeon | K’Alexi Shelby | DJ Shark

4 EPs released on Selador Recordings, Motech,
K Klassik and Unknown To The Unknown
K’ Alexi Shelby – ‘This & That, Pt. 1
released the 7th of march on K Klassik
cutting-edge US garage and jazz funk house

K’Alexi Shelby on Intruders TV
DJ Shark – ‘Space Beach / Double Sunset
released the 26th of february on Unknown to the Unknown
post-balearic breakbeat rollers

Unknwon to the Unknown label founder,
DJ Haus aka Hot City
in duo with DJ Stingray on Intruders TV

Subradeon – ‘South Connection EP
released the 22nd of february on Motech
sweeping and stomping Detroit-inspired stripped out techno

Motech label founder,
DJ 3000 on Intruders TV

Robert Babicz - ‘Red EP
released the 29th of february on Selador Recordings
Dreamy progressive techno

Robert Babicz on Intruders TV

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