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▲Rodriguez Jr.▲ ▲Emerald & Doreen / Jerry Bouthier▲

2 compilations released by mobilee and Emerald & Doreen Records
Emerald & Doreen’s Voyage Sauvage Vol.1‘ – Mixed by Jerry Bouthier
released the 6th of december by Emerald & Doreen
multi-universe journey
in between indie-dance, synth-pop, balearic, cosmic and nu-disco


Jerry Bouthier sur Intruders TV
Rodriguez Jr. – ‘Totally Mobilee – Rodriguez Jr. Collection, Vol. 2
released the 29th of december by Mobilee
classy sexy melodic minimal house

Rodriguez Jr
lors de sa 1ère apparition
sur Intruders TV

Rodriguez Jr
lors de sa 2ème apparition
sur Intruders TV

Mobilee label co-founder,
Anja Schneider on Intruders TV

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