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Nicolas Masseyeff | Kmyle | Fade II Black / Jay Denham | Collective Machine, Lucio Spain, UGLH

from silky catchy house to dark mesmerizing techno
via groovy techy house and classic D-techno

4 EPs released on Systematic, Skryptöm, Technorama Records and Time Has Changed Records
Nicolas Masseyeff - ‘Flagrance EP
released the 18th of september on Systematic

Nicolas Masseyeff sur Intruders TV


Systematic label founder,
Marc Romboy on Intruders TV

Collective Machine, Lucio Spain, UGLH – ‘This City
released the 28th of september on Time Has Changed Records

Timid Boy,
manager de Time Has Changed Records,
sur Intruders TV

Fade II Black / Jay Denham – ‘In Synch / Playground
released the 30th of september on Technorama Records

DJ Jee, fondateur de Technorama
sur Intruders TV

Kmyle – ‘Fugue EP
released the 5th of october on Skryptöm

Electric Rescue, fondateur de Skryptöm,
sur Intruders TV

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