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The Micronauts, O-Live, Electric Rescue, Alex Davis

2 EPs just released on Flash Recordings ans Blend It Records
+ another one coming soon on Electronical Reeds
+ one just re-issued on Micronautics
O-Live – ‘The Cornerstone
coming the 19th of september on Electronical Reeds
delightful groovy melodies

Antoine Pilgrim,
co-fondateur d’Electronical Reeds
sur Intruders TV

Laurent Hulstaert,
label manager d’Electronical Reeds
sur Intruders TV

Alex Davis – ‘Scream For Ice Cream
released the 25th of august on Blend It Records
sweet deep groovy house

Alex Davis sur Intruders TV
Electric Rescue – ‘Draco EP’
released the 11th of august on Flash Recordings
uplifting atmospheric techno
Electric Rescue sur Intruders TV
The Micronauts – ‘Anarchie
released the 9th of march 2004 and re-issued the 25th of august for the 10th anniversary of Micronautics
catchy innvative electro techno

The Micronauts sur Intruders TV

… stay tuned…