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Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy | K’Alexi Shelby | Oniris | Garaliya

4 EPs released on K Klassik, Systematic, Kvitnu and AnalyticTrail
K’ Alexi Shelby - ‘Time’
released the 22nd of february on K Klassik
deep & jazzy house

K’Alexi Shelby on Intruders TV
Oniris - ‘Meharee EP
released the 4th of march on Systematic
epic bewitching techno

Systematic founder, Marc Romboy
on Intruders TV

Garaliya ‎– ‘Ventricle Replicant
released the 10th of february on Kvitnu
abstract experimental IDM

Kvitnu label founder, Kotra
(in duo-interview with Zavoloka)
on Intruders TV

Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy - ‘Black Shape
released the 8th of february on Analytic Trail
powerful & groovy cyclic techno

Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy on Intruders TV

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