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Francesco Tristano | Igorrr & Ruby My Dear | Kolde | Marwan Sabb

from lyrical epic breakcore to mesmerizing driving techno
via subtle piano-based jazz tech and catchy grovvy tech house

4 EPs released on Get Physical Music, Ad Noiseam, Kolde Records
and Time Has Changed Records
Igorrr & Ruby My Dear ‎– ‘Maigre
released the 15th of december on Ad Noiseam
intense & lyrical blend of epic breakcore, dubstep and drum’n'bass

Nicolas Chevreux,
fondateur du label Ad Noiseam,
sur Intruders TV

Francesco Tristano – ‘Piano, Hats & Stabs EP‘ (feat. P41)
released the 11th of december on Get Physical Music
fine and subtle piano-based techno with jazz and classical touch

Francesco Tristano sur Intruders TV
Marwan Sabb – ‘Tracknard EP
released the 15th of december on Time Has Changed Records
catchy groovy tech house

Timid Boy,
manager de Time Has Changed Records,
sur Intruders TV

Kolde – ‘Vision B
released the 8th of december on Kolde Records
mesmerizing driving techno

Kolde aka… guess who he is…
sur Intruders TV

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