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Electric Rescue | Madben | Alex Davis | Gilb’R & Jorge

from lush cosmic soundscapes to colorful groovy techno
via hypnotic deep house and raw atmospheric techno
4 EPs released on Sleaze Records, Caduceus Records,
Blend it Records and Syncrophone Recordings
Gilb’R & Jorge – ‘Du lundi – EP
released the 26th of january on Syncrophone Recordings
smooth lush’n'psychedelic electro cosmic influenced
spaced out soundscapes

Dider Allyne et John Sill,
fondateurs de Syncrophone Recordings
sur Intruders TV

Alex Davis - ‘Don’t Stop Lovin’ (Remixes)
released the 5th of february on Blend It Records
hypnotic deep sounds revisited
between hip-hop instru with jazzy touch and shiny house grooves

Alex Davis sur Intruders TV
Electric Rescue - ‘Track Received EP
released the 9th of march on Sleaze Records
raw and atmospheric driving techno

Electric Rescue sur Intruders TV
Madben - ‘Couleurs de danse EP
released the 4th of march on Caduceus Records
colorful outer space to groovy techno

(1ère interview) sur Intruders TV


(2ème interview) sur Intruders TV

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Sterac | Cani Giganti | Garnier | Jorge Velez

from idiosyncratic’n »oddsounds to hypnotic’n’vibrating synths-melodies
via psychedelic oriental melody, hypnotic old school Chicago house and Lunar sci-fi techno atmosphere
Jorge Velez – ‘Aventuras
coming up the 23rd June on Creme Organization
idiosyncratic, inventive & curiously odd sounds

Creme Organization founder
DJ TLR on Intruders TV

Garnier – ‘KL 2036
released the 16th of june on MCDE Recordings
trippy psychedelic oriental melody vs hypnotic old school Chicago house

MCDE Recordings founder,
Motor City Drum Ensemble
(in duo-interview with Jennifer Cardini)
on Intruders TV

Sterac – ‘Klockworks 12
coming the 23rd of june on Klockworks
Lunar sci-fi techno atmosphere

Sterac aka Steve Rachmad
on Intruders TV

Cani Giganti (feat. Robidat) – ‘Darkstar
coming up the 4th pf july on 51 Beats
hypnotic’n'vibrating synths-melodies

Cani Giganti’s Plasman & Pepe
with 51 Beats label founder, Robidat
on Intruders TV

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