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K’ Alexi Shelby | Asadinho | Kerb Staller | Mat.Joe, Kruse & Nuernberg

4 EPs released on K Klassik, Dirtybird Select,
Leftroom and Light My Fire
Kerb Staller – ‘Doorwork
released the 2nd of september on Leftroom
chugging bass driven house with infectious vocals
with dynamic acid tinged electro twist remix

Half of Kerb Staller,
Matt Tolfrey on Intruders TV

K’ Alexi Shelby - ‘Fire Water
released the 26th of september on K Klassik
lush deep & funky soulful melodic house with indian background vocals, organic sounds and subtle percsussion

K’Alexi Shelby on Intruders TV
Asadinho – ‘Is That My Wig
initially released in 2008
abd re-issued the 7th of october on Dirtybird Select
deep to groovy infectious tech funk
with freaky infectious percussion, synths-bleep and vocals

Dirtybird Select label founder,
Claude VonStroke on Intruders TV

Mat.Joe, Kruse & Nuernberg – ‘Dirty Planet
released the 19th of august on Light My Fire
nervous and eerie cinematic techy crafted house

Light My Fire label founder,
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

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Stephen Brown | Artifact | Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy | Teenage Mutants vs Kruse & Nuernberg

4 EPs just released
on Light My Fire, Saints & Sonnets, Phobiq and Realtime

between summer vibes house to atmospheric driven techno
via classy penetrative UK house and fluid liquid techno
Teenage Mutants vs. Kruse & Nuernberg – ‘Untitled
released the 15th of august on Light My Fire
from summer vibes to dark night house

Light My Fire label founder,
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

Artifact – ‘How Did You Change EP’
released the 18th of augut on Saints & Sonnets
classy vocal UK house with penetrative bass and warm melodies

Saints & Sonnets label co-founder,
Huxley on Intruders TV

Stephen Brown – ‘Micron / Swing left
released the 11th of august on Realtime
fluid liquid Techno

Stephen Brown on Intruders TV
Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – ‘Heisenberg EP’
released the 25th of august on Phobiq
atmospheric driven techno

Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy on Intruders TV

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