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Four to the Floor | Patch | Heavy on the Magick | Extended Family

n between hypno-after-saturday…. and swinging festive NYE warm-up…

4 Various Artists EPs
released by Stockholm LTD, Diynamic, Who Whom and Leftroom
Various Artists – ‘Four to the Floor 08
released the 17th of march by Diynamic
trippy exotic, drama, throbbing and vocal-melodic tech house

Diynamic label founder,
on Intruders TV

Various Artists – ‘Patch One
released the 16th of june by Stockholm LTD
raw melancholic and drama dark powerful techno

Stockholm LTD founder,
Pär Grindvik
on Intruders TV

Various Artists – ‘Heavy on the Magick
released the 12th of may by Who Whom ?
elegant liquid and pulsative to broken dubby and ambient techno

Who Whom ? label founder,
on Intruders TV

Various Artists – ‘The Extended Family – Miami Edition
released the 15th of may by Leftroom
jacking swinging percussive groovy and deep house

Leftroom founder,
Matt Tolfrey
on Intruders TV

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