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4 EPs released on Rush Hour, Motech, Diynamic and Soma
Lehár – ‘Magical Realism EP
released the 24th of june on Diynamic
lyrical deep sounds integrating electronica touch

Diynamic label founder,
Solomun on Intruders TV

Subradeon – ‘United EP
released the 25th of july on Motech
tough percussive to dark groovy techno

Motech label founder,
DJ 3000 on Intruders TV

Gemini Voice Archive - ‘Reflection On Existence
released the 4th of july on Soma Records
mesmerizing full frontal techno

Soma Records founders,
Slam on Intruders TV

Sterac – ‘Osirion
originally released in 1996 on 100% Pure
and re-issued the 6th of june on Rush Hour Recordings
euphoric and abstract loopy techno classics

Sterac aka Steve Rachmad
on Intruders TV


100% Pure founder, 2000 and One
on Intruders TV

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Perseus Traxx + Jozef K + Winter Son | Grace | Recondite | Lehar

4 EPs released on Chiwax, Avian, Hotflush Recordings and 2DIY4
Lehar feat. Rush Midnight – ‘Number One Hero
released the 19th of march on 2DIY4
lush romantic & emotive melodic vocal house

2DIY4 label founder, Solomun
on Intruders TV

Recondite – ‘Phalanx
released the 18th of march on Hotflush Recordings
subtle  intricating & narrative deep techno

Hotflush Recordings founder,
Scuba on Intruders TV

Grace – ‘Grace
originally released in june 2015 on Ascetic House
and re-released (in vinyl) the 21st of march on Avian
transgressive experimental noise & industrial techno

Avian label founder, Shifted
on Intruders TV

Perseus Traxx + Jozef K + Winter Son ‎– ‘Made With Black Energy
released the 14th of december on Chiwax
stripped back dub to raw techno full of reverb and acid

Perseus Traxx on Intruders TV

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