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Asa Moto | James Mac | Fareed | Gari Romalis & Lello Di Franco

4 EPs released on Deewee, Way of House,
Construct Re-Form and Skylax
Gari Romalis & Lello Di Franco – ‘The Union
released the 13th of april on Skylax
lush Detroit-like soul-jazzy house

Hardrock Striker, fondateur de Skylax
sur Intruders TV

Asa Moto ‎– ‘Stay Awake / Wanowan Efem
released the 26th of february on Deewee
futuristic slow-down nu-disco

les 2 Many DJs, fondateurs de Deewee
sur Intruders TV

James Mac – ‘Cougar
released the 8th of february on Way of House
groovy techy bass driven house

Greg Delon, fondateur de Way of House,
sur Intruders TV

Fareed – ‘Phausis EP
released the 21st of march on Construct Re-form
emotional melodic and raw textured techno

Zadig, fondateur de Construct Re-Form
sur Intruders TV


Oxia | Marcelo Cura | Prosper | Moteka

4 EPs released on 8bit Records, Time Has Changed Records,
Boxon Records and Skryptöm
Marcelo Cura – ‘Mr Brown EP
released the 21th of march on Time Has Changed Records
funky groovy hip-house

Timid Boy,
manager de Time Has Changed Records,
sur Intruders TV

Prosper – ‘Return To Disco Street
released the 4th of march on Boxon Records
tribute to the late 70′s groove mixed with an House touch

Prosper sur Intruders TV


Boxon Records founder,
Julien Minet on Intruders TV

Oxia - ‘Unity EP
released the 21th of march on 8bit Records
sunny techy house

Oxia sur Intruders TV ————————————————————————————————————
Moteka – ‘Xyceon EP
released the 16th of december 2015 on Skryptöm
emotional driving techno

Electric Rescue, fondateur de Skryptöm,
sur Intruders TV

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