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Maxime Iko | The Checkup | Sebastian Fleischer & Ill-Boy Phil | SlimShaky

4 EPs released on Loveyeah Records, Electronical Reeds, Neverending Records and Form Music
The Checkup – ‘The Factor
(inc. Smash TV and Shades of Grey remixes)
released the 19th of december on Electronical Reeds
warm flying electronic journeys

Antoine Pilgrim,
co-fondateur d’Electronical Reeds
sur Intruders TV

Laurent Hulstaert,
label manager d’Electronical Reeds
sur Intruders TV

Maxime Iko – ‘Dario’s Cage
released the 12th of december on Loveyeah Records
trippy cinematic and sensual atmosphere
thru’ slow dark hypnotic techno

Maxime Iko sur Intruders TV
SlimShaky – ‘Cosmopolitan EP’
released the 1st of december on Form Music
blend of driving melodic techno with house vocals’n'vibes

Soliman, label manager de Form Music
sur Intruders TV

Sebastian Fleischer & III Boy Phil – ‘Kasperletheater
(inc. D. Diggler remix)
released the 19th of december on Neverending Records
outer space melodious atmospheric techno

Citizen Kain,
co-fondateur de Neverending Records,
sur Intruders TV

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