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Markus Suckut | Tony Dee | Vince Watson | Skinnerbox

4 EPs released on Rekids, Bitten, Leena Music and Darkroom Dubs
Vince Watson – ‘Machines Need Love
released the 18th of november on Leena Music
deep minimal epic techno

Leena Music co-founder, Anja Schneider
on Intruders TV

Tony Dee – ‘The Melody EP
released the 28th of november on Bitten
throbbing percussive atmospheric techno

Bitten label co-founder, 2000 and One
on Intruders

Markus Suckut – ‘Good Times EP
released the 4th of november on Rekids
grindy tunneling pulsative techno

Markus Suckut on Intruders TV
Skinnerbox ‎– ‘Darkroom Dubs Edits 2
released the 8th of october on Darkroom Dubs
electronic re-interpretations of post punk and alternative rock classics

Darkroom Dubs co-founder,
Silicone Soul’s Craig Morrison
on Intruders TV

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DRØM – Les années folles

3 months after our interviews with 2000 and One then Heiko Laux, we go back to a DRØM party (this time called Les Années Folles).

We’ll meet there on saturday few techno DJ/producers who will play on the main stage.
See you there on saturday… to have fun in between music & friends …whatever in the backstage, on the dancefloor or even chillin’out in open air ;)

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