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Electric Rescue | Rodriguez Jr. | Smilla | Maya Schenk

various techno gems with a bit of soulful garage

4 EPs released on Intacto Records, Mobilee, Neverending Records and Nurvous Records
Maya Schenk – ’2017 / Fly with Me’
released the 31th of august on Nurvous Records
old skool shuffling soulful garage jam with hypnotic spoken vocal hook

Maya Schenk sur Intruders TV
Rodriguez Jr. – ‘Chrysalism’
released the 28th of august on Mobilee
captivating dreamy & drama techno melodies

Rodriguez Jr
lors de sa 1ère apparition
sur Intruders TV

Rodriguez Jr
lors de sa 2ème apparition
sur Intruders TV

Mobilee label co-founder,
Anja Schneider on Intruders TV

Electric Rescue – ‘Portsall EP
released the 10th of august on Intacto Records
powerful mesmerizing minimal techno

Electric Rescue sur Intruders TV
Smilla – ‘Acid Freak
released the 3rd of august on Neverending Records
raving driving  catchy dark techno

Citizen Kain,
co-fondateur de Neverending Records,
sur Intruders TV

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