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Söhne Mannheims ||| Oliver Koletzki

2 albums released by Söhne Mannheims and Stil Vor Talent
Söhne Mannheims – ‘MannHeim
self-released the 13th of april
blend of soul, funk and pop songs

Söhne Mannheims member,
on Intruders TV

Oliver Koletzki - ‘The Arc of Tension
released the 19th of may on Stil Vor Talent
psychonautic cotemporary electronic music journey

Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

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Champion & Four Tet | Koletzki & Schwind | DeepChord | Mod2

4 EPs released on Text Records, Stil Vor Talent,
Soma and What Now Becomes
Mod2 - ‘Primate EP
released the 24th of february on What Now Becomes
abstract minimal techno

What Now Becomes label founders
Francesco Assenza and Andrea Ferlin
on Intruders TV

DeepChord – ‘Atmospherica Vol 2
released the 5 of february on Soma Records
lush electromagnetic dub techno and droning ambient

Soma Records founders,
Slam on Intruders TV

Champion & Four Tet – ‘Flip Side / Disparate
released the 27th of january on Text Records
gassy infectious house and melodic rhythmic abstract

Four Tet on Intruders TV
Koletzki & Schwind – ‘Black Walls
released the 12th of february on Stil Vor Talent
hypnotic banging techno

Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

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10 Years Stil vor Talent | African Head Charge

2 compilations released by Stil Vor Talent and On-U Sound
African Head Charge ‎– ‘81-86 Classics Bundle
Vinyl Reissues the 22nd of january by On-U Sound
of 4 albums previously released in the early-80s
industrial psychedelic post-punk experimental dub

My Life In A Hole In The Ground – released in 1981

Environmental Studies – released in 1982

Drastic Season – released in 1983

Off The Beaten Track – released in 1986

On-U Sound Records founder,
Adrian Sherwood
on Intruders TV

Various Artists – ‘10 Years Stil vor Talent presented by Oliver Koletzki
released the 1st of april by Stil Vor Talent
from modern deep house to melodic techno

Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

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Oliver Koletzki ▲ Mr. Bizz ▲▲▲▲Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud▲▲▲▲ ▲▲Roberto Capuano▲▲

Driving techno ambiance with a little break of electro bass music

4 EPs released on Stil Vor Talent, Selected Records,
Big Beat Records and Unrilis
Oliver Koletzki - ‘Iyéwaye Remixed
released the 2nd of october on Stil Vor Talent

Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV
Mr. Bizz – ‘Destination
released the 14th of september on Selected Records

Selected Records’ founders
Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy on Intruders TV

Charlie DarkerFar Too Loud – ‘Squirm EP
released the 6th of november on Big Beat Records

Far Too Loud on Intruders TV
Roberto Capuano – ‘Trust’
released the 26th of october on Unrilis

Unrilis A&R, Luigi Madonna
on Intruders TV

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//////////Far Too Loud\\\\\\\\\\ ////////Oliver Koletzki\\\\\\\\ //Billy Kenny & Abby Jane\\ ///////////François Ier\\\\\\\\\\\

from relaxing aquatic soundscpaes to hi-energy electrobeats
via intricating rubling techy sounds and raw energy rave sounds
4 EPs released on No Tomorrow Recordings, Stil Vor Talent,
Boxon Records and Dirtybird
François Ier - ‘Nyrmal EP
released the 6th of april on Boxon Records
relaxing aquatic rooftop soundscapes

Boxon Records founder,
Julien Minet on Intruders TV

Billy Kenny & Abby Jane – ‘I Operate
released the 6th of april on Dirtybird
intricating rumbling low-end infused techy sounds

Dirtybird label founder,
Claude VonStroke on Intruders TV

Oliver Koletzki – ‘Iyéwaye
released the 3rd of april on Stil Vor Talent
raw energy rave sound
with old-school trance-like melodies and rumbing tribal groove

Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV
Far Too Loud - ‘Cocktails Of Awesome: The Remix EP
released the 23rd of march on No Tomorrow Recordings
punchy energic electro-beats

Far Too Loud on Intruders TV


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Koletzki & Schwind | Photonz | Steve Lawler | Flava D

from intense misty atmosphere to modenr house grooves
via vocal UK garage and raw chuggy house and
4 EPs released on Stil vor Talent, Creme Organization,
Roska, Kicks & Snares and Leftroom
Photonz – ‘Gnosis Of Wolfers
released the 9th of march on Creme Organization
sluggy, misty, intense and multy-layered atmosphere

Creme Organization founder, DJ TLR
on Intruders TV


Creme Organization founder, DJ TLR
(again) on Intruders TV

Flava D feat. Miss Fire – ‘Closer
released the 9th of february on Roska Kicks & Snares
modern vocal UK garage inc. driven-bass house

Roska on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with Untold)

Steve Lawler – ‘Call Of The Cuckoo
released the 2nd of march on Leftroom
raw chuggy house with rugged bass tones

Leftroom label founder,
Matt Tolfrey on Intruders TV

Koletzki & Schwind – ‘She Wants Acid
released the 14th of february on Stil vor Talent
modern house grooves inc. dark trippy and charming melodies
with various kinds of old-school elements as trance and jacking garage

Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

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Claude VonStroke ▲ Oliver Koletzki ▲ EDH ▲ Hollie Cook

selection of 4 albums just released on labels
Mr Bongo, Lentonia Records, Vertigo/Universal Music and Dirtybird

from sunny reggae to psychedelic synthe-pop
via poppy house and very eclectic eletronic sounds
Hollie Cook – ‘Twice
released the 12th of may on Mr Bongo
relaxing, sunlight, reggae-dub, Brazilian percussion, sweetie warm vocals

Hollie Cook on Intruders TV
Oliver Koletzki – ‘I am OK
released the 16th of may on Vertigo Berlin
airy ballad between modern dancefloor house and poppy vocal house

Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV
Claude VonStroke – ‘Urban Animal RMXS
(feat. Solomun Remix)
released the 5th of may on Dirtybird
eclectic journey thru’ various electronic sounds

Original Album:
Claude VonStroke – ‘Urban Animal
released in september 2013 on Dirtybird

Claude VonStroke on Intruders TV


Solomun on Intruders TV
EDH – ‘Lava club
released the 13th of may on Lentonia Records
electro-synth-pop, psychedelic post-punk electro

EDH on Intruders TV
(with her teammate @ Lentonia Records, Elise Pierre)

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Late-april reviews

Max Cooper | Igor Vicente | Oliver Koletzki | P-Ben | Gavin Herlihy | Dimitri Veimar

Max Cooper – Inhuman One (inc. Rodriguez Jr Remix)
released the 28th of April on Fields
Lyrical, floating, dreamy, melodic, rooftop

about Max Cooper on Intruders TV


à propos de Rodriguez Jr sur Intruders TV (interview in french)
Dimitri Veimar – Space Glue
released the 28th of April on Darkroom Dubs
Celestial, dark’n'groovy, futurstic movie soundtrack,
sexy, sensual, ecstatic

about Darkroom Dubs
with Silicone Soul’s Craig Morrison
on Intruders TV

Gavin Herlihy – Put It Down EP (inc. Matt Tolfrey‘s remix)
released the 21st of April on Leftroom
freaky, brain catcher, whacked out percussive, broken beats

about Leftroom with Matt Tolfrey
on Intruders TV
Igor Vicente – Mystericordia
(inc. Rodriguez Jr., Heartthrob and Ryan Crosson remixes)
released the 25th of April on mobilee
deep dark intricating soundscapes, ghost, shadow,
catchy, stirming, dreamy

about mobilee with Anja Schneider
on Intruders TV


à propos de Rodriguez Jr sur Intruders TV (another interview in french again)
P-ben – The Past EP
released the 28th of April on Motech
Driven techno, pumpy, floor-burner, catchy

about Motech with DJ 3000
on Intruders TV

Oliver Koletzki feat. Nörd – After All
released the 4th of April on Stil Vor Talent
by waiting his album coming up the 16th may
poppy house, airy, floating, warm vocals

about Oliver Koletzki and Stil Vor Talent on Intruders TV
… and check out also on our facebook page in english
the other april releases concerning our interviewees
we spoke about previously there.

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