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Marion Poncet | Kmyle | Photonz | Dino Lenny

4 records released on In The Box Records, Skryptöm,
Cosmic Club and Sapiens
Marion Poncet – ‘Ain’t Stop
released the 24th of february on In the Box Records
sunny jazz-funk house grooves

Marion Poncet aka…
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Photonz - ‘Memories of Burma
released the 20th of march on Cosmic Club
futuristic deep cosmic and balearic vintage-tainted house

Hardrock Striker,
fondateur de Cosmic Club
sur Intruders TV

Kmyle - ‘Telepathic Synchrony
released the 6th of march on Skryptöm
intricating trippy emotional and energetic raw techno

un 1er extrait de notre ITW avec Kmyle
… vvidéo-série complète à la rentrée
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Electric Rescue,
fondateur de Skryptöm Records
sur Intruders TV

… Electric Rescue…
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… et Electric Rescue…
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la compilation Skryptöm 10Y

Dino Lenny – ‘Shoot Me to the Sky
released the 26th of may on Sapiens
classy melancholic vocal melodic techno
with housey and atmospheric techno remixes

Agoria, fondateur de Sapiens
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Agoria, fondateur de Sapiens
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Koletzki & Schwind | Photonz | Steve Lawler | Flava D

from intense misty atmosphere to modenr house grooves
via vocal UK garage and raw chuggy house and
4 EPs released on Stil vor Talent, Creme Organization,
Roska, Kicks & Snares and Leftroom
Photonz – ‘Gnosis Of Wolfers
released the 9th of march on Creme Organization
sluggy, misty, intense and multy-layered atmosphere

Creme Organization founder, DJ TLR
on Intruders TV


Creme Organization founder, DJ TLR
(again) on Intruders TV

Flava D feat. Miss Fire – ‘Closer
released the 9th of february on Roska Kicks & Snares
modern vocal UK garage inc. driven-bass house

Roska on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with Untold)

Steve Lawler – ‘Call Of The Cuckoo
released the 2nd of march on Leftroom
raw chuggy house with rugged bass tones

Leftroom label founder,
Matt Tolfrey on Intruders TV

Koletzki & Schwind – ‘She Wants Acid
released the 14th of february on Stil vor Talent
modern house grooves inc. dark trippy and charming melodies
with various kinds of old-school elements as trance and jacking garage

Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

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Toddla T Sound | Jiggler | Photonz | Lionel Weets

from disco house grooves to Detroit Techno style melodies
via polyrythmic techno with diced breakbeats and dub/reggae
through 4 EPs just released
on Girls Music, Light My Fire, Hot Haus Recs and Motech Ltd
Jiggler – ‘Back for Love
released the 21st of november on Light My Fire
from disco pumpy house to spacey and swelling epic house journeys

Light My Fire label founder,
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

Photonz – ‘Osiris Resurrected
released the 25th of november on Hot Haus Recs
mighty slice of polyrhythmic techno filled
with cascading melodies and diced up breakbeats

Hot Haus Recs founder,
DJ Haus aka Hot City
(in duo with DJ Stingray) on Intruders TV

Toddla T Sound – ‘Kensal Road EP’
(ft. Serocee, The 2 Bears, Mr Lexx, Suns Of Dub, Melé and Tenor Fly)
released the 20th of october on Girls Music
colourful and vibrantly eclectic dub/reggae paces
featuring lyricists and producers from Jamaica and the UK

Toddla T on Intruders TV


Tenor Fly
(in duo interview with Rebel MC)
on Intruders TV

Lionel Weets – ‘Tell Me Why’
released the 20th of october on Motech Ltd
melodious Detroit Techno style with a european touch

Motech label founder,
DJ 3000 on Intruders TV

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