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Raoul Sinier ||| Kursed

Raoul Sinier - ‘Descente’
self-released the 28th of october
complex, subtle and glitch rough experimental

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Kursed - ‘Misophone
released the 19th of january on le petit chat noir
rough and grungy to bluesy and classy rock’nroll

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Turzi ||| Raoul Sinier

2 baroque albums just released
Turzi - ‘C
released the 16th of march on Records Makers
romantic and cinematic baroque psyche-electro rock

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Raoul Sinier – ‘Late Statues
self-released the 16th of march
intense, dark & baroque noisy electro glitch

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Raoul Sinier//////// \\\\\\\\Black Strobe

different kinds of crossover through 2 albums
released on Coredump Records / Teams and Blackstrobe Records
Black Strobe – ‘GodForsaken Roads
released the 3rd of october on Blackstrobe Records
layered and feverish synths-blues electro-rock’n'roll

Arnaud Rebotini (Black Strobe)
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Raoul Sinier – ‘Ra Loves You (Extended)’
original CD released in september 2004 on Coredump Records
digital re-issue (with 6 bonus tracks) in august 2008 on Teams
IDM crossing over hip-hop grooves and electronic raw distortion
with down tempo rhythms, scraping and beautiful melodies

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Compil Circle Three, Dapayk, Raoul Sinier 1050x350

V/A Aesthetic Circle | Dapayk & Padberg RMXs | Raoul Sinier remixes

Various Artists (inc. Florian Muller) – Circle Three
Album sorti le 3 mai sur Aesthetic Circle Records
deep, jazzy, raw, brut, épuré, sweet, glissant, fin

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Dapayk & Padberg – Smoke Family Remixes
(inc. From Karaoké To Stardom remix)
Album sorti le 4 avril sur Mo’s Ferry Prod.
airy, synthe-pop, transportant, flottant, voyage, sensuel, up-and down

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Raoul Sinier – Remixes
album sorti le 28 avril
modern classic rock, transportant, inclassable, expérimental, lyrique, glitch

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