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4 EPs released on Elevate, Kompakt, Darkrroom Dubs and Detone
Id!r – ‘Two Days in Hell
released the 10th of october on Darkroom Dubs
Disco reverberated, dark sci-fi 80s tinged and trippy spacey techno

Darkroom Dubs co-founder,
Silicone Soul’s Craig Morrison
on Intruders TV

Rex the Dog – ‘Teufelsberg
released the 29th of august on Kompakt
powerful hypnotic melody-driven techno

Kompakt co-founder,
Wolfgang Voigt on Intruders TV

Fundamental Harmonics - ‘Cygnus EP
released the 26th of september on Detone
punchy loopy tunneling techno

Detone label founder,
Darren Emerson on Intruders TV

Pig & Dan - ‘Modular Baptism (Remixes)
released the 2nd of september on Elevate
energetic euphoric ravey techno

Pig & Dan on Intruders TV

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▲ Kyla La Grange ▲ Sepalcure ▲ Rex The Dog ▲ Benoit & Sergio ▲

smooth and warm multi-genres atmospheres

3 EPs released on Hotflush, Kompakt and Leftroom
+ 1 single self-release
Kyla La Grange - ‘Skin
self-released the 16th of november
sexy and intimate dubsteppy pop

Kyla La Grange on Intruders TV
Sepalcure – ‘Fight for Us
released the 30th of october on Hotflush Recordings
lush emotive vocal & guitar ballad
then classy & thick heavy bass & multi-layered techno

Hotflush Recordings founder,
Scuba on Intruders TV

Rex the Dog – ‘You Are A Blade
released the 10th of november on Kompakt
deep electronic soundscapes
infused with nostalgic sci-fi synth-pop and acid  grooves

Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt
on Intruders TV

Benoit & Sergio – ‘House With 500 Rooms
released the 30th of october on Leftroom
warm & smooth house
with subtle piano, multi-layered bass and catchy echoing vocals

Leftroom label founder,
Matt Tolfrey on Intruders TV

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