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Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy | Luca Lozano | Santos | Moko

4 EPs released on Analytic Trail, Unknown to the Unknwon,
bouq. Records and Motech
Luca Lozano – ‘Mister Right Now
released the 16th of december on Unknown to the Unknown
whirring and jacking 90s rave house vibes revisited in a nu skool way

Unknown to the Unknown label founder,
DJ Haus aka Hot City
(in duo interview with DJ Stingray)
on Intruders TV

Moko – ‘Chorder EP’
released the 15th of december on Motech
blend of Detroit melodic sound and driving hypnotic Techno

Motech label founder,
DJ 3000 on Intruders TV

Santos – ‘This La
released the 15th of december on bouq. Records
wicked percussive mesmerizing techno grooves

Bouq Records co-founder,
Butch on Intruders TV

Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – ‘Da Cube
released the 15th of december on Analytic Trail
darklight throbbing heavy bass techno

Gabriel d’Or & Bordoy on Intruders TV

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