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DJ 3000 | Sebastopol | Re.You | Nucleus & Paradox

4 EPs released on Motech, Correspondant, mobilee and Metalheadz
Re.You - ‘Dreams
released the 12th of may on Mobilee
infectious hypnotic tech house

Mobilee label co-founder,
Anja Schneider
on Intruders TV

Sebastopol – ‘Assassin
released the 2nd of june on Correspondant
trippy shadowing and cinematic electronica-tainted minimal techno

Correspondant label founder,
Jennifer Cardini
(in duo-interview
with Motor City Drum Ensemble)
on Intruders TV

Nucleus & Paradox – ‘Wrath, Pt. 1
released the 12th of may on Metalheadz
twisted and deep whirring drum’n'bass

Metalheadz founder,
on Intruders TV

DJ 3000 – ‘Just Work It / Get It
released the 5th of may on Motech
Jackin and warm Detroit techno with Chicago style vocals

DJ 3000
Intruders TV

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