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Carlos Nilmmns & Friends | & Friends | Ozone 23

from floating jazzy deep house to bursting speed techno
via groovy hypnotic techy house
4 Various Artits compilations released on paris Metro Music, bouq. Records and SP 23
Various Artists – ‘Carlos Nilmmns & Friends
inc. Aubrey, Keter Darker, Ka§par, Tom Joyce,
Tomi Chair, Ian Elgey, Carlos Nilmmns
released the 29th of april on Paris Metro Music
floating & cinematic jazzy deep house

Carlos Nilmmns on Intruders TV
Various Artists – ‘ & Friends, Vol. 7
inc. Spencer K , Collective Machine , Clif Jack
released the 15th of april on bouq. Records
groovy hypnotic & techy house

Various Artists – ‘ & Friends, Vol. 8
inc. Cristian Viviano, Kuo Climax
released the 20th of april on bouq. Records
groovy hypnotic & techy house

Bouq Records co-founder,
Butch on Intruders TV

Various Artists – ‘Ozone 23
inc. 23 Psi, Ixindamix, Crystal Distortion & Jeff 23
released the 16th of april on SP 23
bursting funky speed & dark techno

Crystal Distortion & Jeff23)
on Intruders TV

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Partnership on Dixit x 23… Something SP…..

Spiral Tribe !!!

when she called me to propose bizcard v43 double reduced for DM to be media-partner on the party she set up with her Dixit mates, Olivia just had say this simple both SP words for me to answer
« Yes, Sure, of course » !!!
SP23 @ Bato frontBe in a partnership-game when 2 members from such a legendary collective come to play in Paris was impossible to refuse.
Indeed, SP is a myth from the 90s that has marked the History of Rave Culture.
SP23 @ Bato cover line up 2They’re so much to say about them… that some guys wrote some very interesting stuffs about them… here (pour les français, ici).

About the music ?… Listen to these freshly Live-recorded podcasts of the both SP23 members who are the guests of Dixit…

Yes, for us, it will be something very special to meet 2 historical members of this legend and even myth, Simon (Crystal Distortion) and Jeff23 (DJ Tal) while this Dixit x 23 event.

Intruders TV manager

SP23 @ Bato line up 2

PS:   et en plus, ça se passe au Batofar
… où on est un peu comme chez nous…:)
Julie La Rule,
chargé de production
et programmatrice-Club du Batofar
sur Intruders TV

Rihab Hdidou,
chargée de communication
et relations-presse du Batofar
sur Intruders TV

SP23 @ Bato front 2
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