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2 albums released on Strength Music Recordings
and Creme Organization
ASOK – ‘A Mind Forever Voyaging
released the 25th of april on Creme Organization
mystical nostalgic ambient to broken spaced out atmospheric techno

Creme Organization founder, DJ TLR
on Intruders TV


Creme Organization founder, DJ TLR
(again) on Intruders TV

DJ QU – Conjure
released the 24th of june on Strength Music Recordings
voodoo and sci-fi vibes from moody ambient and downtempo
to deep, dubbed, dark and cavernous tribal techno

DJ Qu on Intruders TV

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Marc Romboy | Robosonic & Thabo Getsome | DJ QU | DJ Haus

from deep sci-fi melodic to trippy tribal psyche techno
via sexy electric and jacking driving house
4 EPs released on Systematic, Defected, Rinse and Strength Music Recordings
Marc Romboy - ‘Simi/Bylgja
released the 28th of april on Systematic
deep sweet sci-fi melodic techno

Marc Romboy on Intruders TV
Robosonic & Thabo Getsome – ‘Juicy EP
released the 20th of april on Defected
sexy electric house

Robosonic on Intruders TV
DJ Haus - ‘Make It Hot EP
released the 13th of april on Rinse
jacking driving UK house

DJ Haus aka Hot City on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with DJ Stingray)

DJ QU - ‘Redtones
released the 2nd of april on Strength Music Recordings
trippy tribal psyche techno

DJ Qu on Intruders TV

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DJ QU || Ray Okpara || Untold || Jonny Cade & Jonjo Williams

outer space house and techno to turn your head upside-down

4 EPs just released on Strength Music Recordings, Mobilee, Bleep and Saints & Sonnets
Jonny Cade & Jonjo Williams – ‘Get Down
released the 15th of september on Saints & Sonnets
whirring heavy bass UK house with a garage touch
and blend of jazzy, acid’n'futuristic sounds

Saints & Sonnets label co-founder,
Huxley on Intruders TV

Ray Okpara – ‘Sugar Feel
released the 7th of november on Mobilee
funky dub-roller with percussive’n'drifty hypnotic beats
and a touch of soul’n'deep house

Listen also to Ray Okpara – ‘Sugar Feel‘ (Dub Version)
available on vinyl release only

Mobilee label co-founder,
Anja Schneider on Intruders TV

DJ QU – ‘Raw 7
released the 29th october on Strength Music Recordings
lustrous colored-full  lead synth melody vs gritty, hipnotizing shuffle
and infectious, drivng whirr of rhythm mechanics

DJ Qu on Intruders TV
Untold – ‘That Horn Track
released the 27th of october on Bleep
powerful and unique head-turner to feel like in a locked rave dungeon

Untold on Intruders TV
(in duo-interview with Roska)

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