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Apollonia | Citizen Kain | Roy Davis Jr. / Modal | Malvito

deep atmosphere

4 EPs released on Apollonia, Subjekt Recordings,
Technorama Records and Syncrophone
Malvito – ‘Mirage EP’
released the 13th of april on Syncrophone Recordings

Dider Allyne et John Sill,
fondateurs de Syncrophone Recordings
sur Intruders TV

Apollonia – ‘Tour A Tour Remixes
feat. Charles Webster and Melchior Productions RMXs
released the 21th of march on Apollonia

Dyed Soundorom,
co-fondateur d’Apollonia,
sur Intruders TV

Roy Davis Jr. / Modal – ‘I’m Tha D.J. / Under Tha Sun / Lovers’
released the 4th of may on Technorama Records

Half of Modal, Woody McBride
on Intruders TV


DJ Jee, fondateur de Technorama
sur Intruders TV

Citizen Kain – ‘Time For Love EP’
released the 31th of march on Subjekt Recordings

Citizen Kain sur Intruders TV

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