Black Strobe | Yann Lean | The Micronauts | Benedetto & Farina

from synth-blues rock to Detroit-like techno
via psyche bleep electro and modern deep house

3 EPs just released or coming soon on Time Has Changed Records, Blackstrobe Records and KMS
+ another one just re-issued on Micronautics
Black Strobe – ‘Broken Phone Blues EP’
coming the 8th of september on Blackstrobe Records

Arnaud Rebotini (Black Strobe)
sur Intruders TV

The Micronauts – ‘Sweat
released the 2nd of may 2005 on Micronautics
and re-issued the 25th of august for the label’s 10th anniversary

The Micronauts sur Intruders TV
Benedetto & Farina – ‘Kickin’ it EP’
(inc. Timid Boy remix)
released the 25th of august on Time Has Changed Records

Timid Boy,
manager de Time Has Changed Records,
sur Intruders TV

Yann Lean – ‘Yosakoï EP
(inc. Madben & Traumer remixes)
coming the 15th of september on KMS

Yann Lean sur Intruders TV
(en trio-interview
avec Sandra Boumezer et Daz Domingo)

Madben sur Intruders TV

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jozif | Recondite | Vino | Niko Schwind

from elegant darkness to shiny light

4 EPs just released
on Leftroom Ltd, Hotflush Recordings, Motech and Stil Vor Talent
jozif – ‘Rutka EP’
released the 25th of august on Leftroom Ltd

Leftroom label founder,
Matt Tolfrey on Intruders TV

Recondite – ‘Caldera EP’
released the 1st of september on Hotflush Recordings

Hotflush Recordings founder,
Scuba on Intruders TV

Vino – ‘Sombrero Galaxy EP’
released the 25th of august on Motech

Motech label co-founder,
DJ 3000 on Intruders TV

Niko SchwindMy Heart is on Fire
released the 22th of august on Stil Vor Talent

Stil Vor Talent label founder,
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV

… stay tuned…


Stil Vor Talent | Kompakt | Correspondant | Diplo

3 Various Artists compilations just released
by Stil Vor Talent, Kompakt and Correspondant
+ another one with Diplo’s most popular singles,
unreleased remixes and lots of collaboration
Various Artists – ‘Summer Split 2
released the 28th of july on Correspondant

Correspondant label founder,
Jennifer Cardini (in duo-interview
with Motor City Drum Ensemble)
on Intruders TV

Various Artists – ‘Stil vor Talent Berlin – Schlesisches Tor
(inc. Solomun and Jan Blomqvist tracks)
released the 29th of august on Stil Vor Talent

Stil Vor Talent label founder
Oliver Koletzki on Intruders TV


Solomun on Intruders TV


Jan Blomqvist on Intruders TV
Various ArtistsTotal 14
(inc. Gui Boratto and Voigt & Voigt tracks)
released the 18th of august on Kompakt

Kompakt label co-founder,
Wolfgang Voigt on Intruders TV


Gui Boratto on Intruders TV
Diplo – ‘Random White Dude Be Everywhere
released the 29th of july on Mad Decent

Diplo on Intruders TV


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